Buy The Xiaomi LEBAND Office Computer Electric Intelligent Lifting Table For $355.99

One of the peculiarities of the platform crowdfunding of Xiaomi is to propose products that are always new and original and that are often the real solution to the problems of daily life. For example, the Xiaomi LEBAND Office Computer Electric Intelligent Lifting Table would help people that usually have back pain due to incorrect posture in front of the PC. And there are many who, because of work, or simply for passion, spend a lot of time in front of desktop monitors or laptops, and at the expense of the back despite the fact that there are solutions on the market that theoretically alleviate the problem, but the real solution bears the name of Xiaomi Leband. The Xiaomi Leband mini desk is equipped with a smart electric lifting platform, controllable either from your smartphone or via a button.

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The Xiaomi LEBAND Office Computer Electric Intelligent Lifting Table comes in very creative and nice design. It is crafted from a high-intensity aluminum alloy which is lightweight and not easy to deform. It comes with cable storage design, so your table doesn’t have to be filled with lots of cables no matter the things that are on top. It makes it easy to carry more loads and good looking. It is embedded with a silicone feet pad which is Anti-skid and durable. With this feet pad, the table would stick and firm anywhere you place it. It has a round corner which prevents it from damaging and it comes in a classic all-white color.

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The Xiaomi leband mini table is a scientific body teacher, that is if you input your hight just ones, it would automatically match suitable working height intelligently. When people of different heights are faced with desks of the same height, they can easily form wrong sitting and standing posture, which will affect their health. It is lifted electrically and can carry a load of about 15kg. The lifting table is driven by a large power motor, and no manual adjustment is required. 14 Xiaomi Mi notebooks can be placed at the same time and the table would still at a constant speed in a very stable manner.

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The Xiaomi Leband intelligent electric lifting platform can be controlled by APP. Just input your height and table height in the mobile APP and the eight you are accustomed to will be automatically memorized for the next use. This table has been equipped with child lock function to ensure safe use at home. The table comes with various height for various people. The desk height could be adjusted between 7.2cm to 40cm. If it is placed on a table, it will be suitable for people of height 150-190cm. It can be easily operated by simply pressing gently. The brief design enables the lifting process to be finished by pressing gently. The breathing light effect will make the action looks more relaxing.



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