Xiaomi leads Indian market in Q1 sales as Oppo’s decline continues

Xiaomi led the Indian smartphone market for the last quarter of the year 2017 and now, have continued the same run. According to the report which makes this evident, the Asian OEM sold no fewer than 30 million devices in the first three months of the year 2018 alone.

The Numbers

Looking at this figure, that shows an 11% year on year increase in the company’s books. Likewise, this selling rate ensures that Xiaomi maintains its capture of the largest market share, holding as much as 30.3% to itself alone. For comparison, Samsung finds itself the closest second, holding just about 25.1% shares instead.

Oppo’s decline

While Xiaomi continues to experience an upward trend, OPPO is finding it hard to regain their foot in the market. Even though they rounded off the top three for this year’s Q1, they only managed to do so with 7.4% of the entire market share. Brands like Vivo are seeing an upward trend though with the OEM now boasting 6.7% of the market share.


It should be noted that Vivo has also had a bad run, mainly underlined in the fact that the market share for this year is a 29.4% decline in YoY results. Considering that fact that it is also a 2.1% climb over last quarter’s results though, the figure starts to make sense for them.

Transsion Holdings makes theTop Five

At the fifth position is Transsion Holdings. Even though one would have expected them to do better – given that they own the likes of Tecno, Infinix and Itel – it is a welcome development for the company.

If it means anything, four of the companies in the top five rankings are Chinese manufacturers. Likewise, it does not look like Xiaomi will be relinquishing its place at the top anytime soon. With the latest launch of units such as their Mi Mix 2S and upcoming Redmi units, they are bound to rake in even more sales before the end of the year


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