Xiaomi is the leading company in Europe with its wearables

A few weeks ago it was news that Xiaomi is the global leader in wearables, becoming the first manufacturer to beat Apple. These data were published by the IDC, which has now presented a new report, which is related to the European market, explaining that in Europe, the Middle East and Africa Xiaomi is the leader in sales of wearables.

IDC report - Xiaomi leads India's wearables market in Q2 2018

The data thrown by the IDC refer to the markets in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, wherein the wearable sector Xiaomi has the first position by a few points above Fitbit, who have always been a reference mark in wearables.

In Europe, Xiaomi has achieved 1.15 million shipments.

In Europe, Xiaomi achieved the sum of 1.15 million shipments, earning a market share of 17.5%, surpassing Apple which adds about 0.99 million units sold, with a 15% market share, which represents an important growth for the company, the first place was obtained without doubts thanks to the low prices that Xiaomi handles in comparison with its competitors, and this is because the average user no longer seeks exclusivity in the product but to satisfy his basic needs, in which Xiaomi is an expert.

In this way, Xiaomi gets placed above Apple and Samsung once again, however, the individual successes of brands in the world of wearables are advancing more every day, so much that statistics predict that by 2022, portable devices could reach almost 44 million units worth more than 11,000 million dollars, only in the E.ME.A region (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa).

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