[Buy] Xiaomi Launches Electric Motor Scooter Priced At 1,999 Yuan ($289)

China’s innovative tech company Xiaomi has continually proven that it isn’t a genius only in smartphones and mobile gadgets but in other cool aspects. Right now, Xiaomi has launched its latest product which is an electric motor scooter.

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The Xiaomi electric motor scooter is coming on the heels of its electric bike which was released a couple of months back. The motor scooter is touted as having a battery capacity that can enable it to travel up to a 30 km distance and you know what, it comes with a cheap price tag of just 1,999 Yuan ($239). Talk about another hot selling product from Xiaomi.

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xiaomi electric scooter

In terms of the design, the Mimi small home electric scooter, as it is tagged, adopts a minimalist geometric design with its body built aircraft-grade aluminum. The motor scooter weighs in not too heavy 12.5kg despite packing an LG 18650 high security Lithium battery inside. The device is portable and also foldable and can be unfolded and started in just one minute.

Furthermore, the front and rear wheels are equipped with E-ABS (anti-lock braking system) and the scooter has dual disc brake system which enables for quick response and efficient braking. The electric motor scooter is reputed as capable of coming to a halt in quick braking within a distance of 4 meters. There is also a smart feature which enables the scooter to connect to a phone via an app which relates the battery health and any other problems on the scooter.

The Xiaomi electric motor scooter will go on sale on December 15 at 10.00am GMT +7. Sales would go on simultaneously online on Mi mall, Mi Home, Lynx and Jingdong mall.

Buy Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter For $359 on GearBest

Xiaomi electric motor scooter



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