Xiaomi Announces World’s First Intelligent Eye Protection Desk Lamp “Yeelight Eye Lamp Pro”

Xiaomi knows how to choose its partner companies, and proof of this is the manufacturer ‘Yeelight’. Yeelight is the sub-brand of Xiaomi which offers smart lighting solutions. Yeelight has been branding smart bulbs, bedside lights, desk lamps, and many more. Days ago, a new product has been listed, the Xiaomi Yeelight Eye Lamp Pro, world’s first intelligent eye protection desk lamp.

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Yeelight Eye Lamp Pro

The Yeelight Eye Lamp Pro is the first lamp that has an intelligent protection system for our eyes thanks to its “SunLike” technology. As for the design, it looks simple and elegant. It has a circular weight base, a foldable arm and a mirror-like LED light that is adjustable according to your requirements and is certified by Germany’s authoritative inspection agency TUV Rheinland. Its articulated arm is adjustable in height and its LED light type mirror offers up to 650 lumens with a consumption of 15W.  Again, the color temperature remains fixed at 4000 K.

Xiaomi Yeelight Eye Lamp Pro: a smart lamp with eye protection technology

It has a LED lighting based on ultraviolet light instead of blue light like most lamps, which offers a light very similar to natural illumination, which protects the eyes of both children and adults and avoids eye fatigue. In addition, its Wi-Fi connection makes it compatible with the Yeelight and Mi Home app.

The all-new Yeelight Pro is priced at 599 Yuan (approx $95 / Rs. 6,250) which is currently available via its crowdfunding platform in China. It is expected that it will be made available in other markets in the coming months.

This is a very good time to remind you of some lamp models that we can find in the Xiaomi store:

  1. Yeelight Smart Desk Lamp, undoubtedly one of the best-rated models, winner of several awards in 2017. Its stylized design, together with its 4 lighting modes, WiFi connection and the possibility of changing both the intensity of light and temperature of color (2700 – 6500 K) make it a “work of art”.
  2. Philips Eyecare Smart Lamp 2, the second model in collaboration with Philips. Its design is somewhat coarser but includes two lighting zones and an ambient light sensor to provide great comfort to our eyes. It is moldable, has a WiFi connection and touches control to choose the level of brightness, although it does not allow to modify the neutral white color of its light (4000 K).
  3. Yeelight Table Lamp($27.99), similar to the Yeelight Smart Desk Lamp. The control becomes tactile, both for the intensity and for the whole of white light through 5 preset modes (2700 – 6500 K). However, the WiFi connection is removed. Of course, we can choose between the normal model or with a built-in 2000 mAh battery, but without USB ports.
  4. Yeelight Minimalist E27 Desk Lamp($29.99), beautiful and minimalist design in white or black, but it is still a bedside lamp. It has a base for E27 universal bushing and on / off switch on the cable.


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