Xiaomi Lanxiaoyu Rotatable Flat Mop Offered For $49.76

Xiaomi has stood out all over the world for the incredible quality of its technology products, from Smartphones to devices made for the home, since it has been a company that has always shown interest in the welfare of its fans and always try to make sure they are in good health and same time make life very easy and comfortable for them. At this point in time, Xiaomi comes with a Rotatable Flat Mop which helps to do the cleaning more easily than the traditional mop. Let’s get to meet the product.

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The first thing one really consider in buying a product is its material of fabrication because you can’t buy a product today and it gets broken tomorrow. If you have always followed Xiaomi brand then you would know that they always give the best in all aspect when it comes to there product. To this end, the Xiaomi Lanxiaoyu Rotatable Flat Mop is made of High-quality ABS, PP and metal materials, to make it durable and anti-rust. So you can use this mob for years without experiencing anything like rust or breakage. It features a soft flexible handle which enhances the comfort of your hand. The mop rotated in 180-degrees, which makes it very convenient to use.

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The rotatable mop is embedded with a primary molded sponge head which is close to the manual wipe and bottom seam dirt does not remain, then mopping efficiency is higher. It adopts the new design concept, you just need to press unlock key when squeezing water, and it will automatically be locked when dragging the floor. The mop also features an innovative drainage system a step type five-track roller drainage system and advanced design make the mop achieve easy dehydration.

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The Xiaomi Lanxiaoyu Rotatable Flat Mop has a slot design, that is, a one-click replacement.  All you have to do is press the button to hold the sponge head and push out the sponge side. The back of the new sponge s inserted at the relative hole position of the bottom plate, and the sound of clacking is heard. Lastly, it support stand up storage. The mop can be totally upright and has a vertical projection of only 0.7DM. This is equivalent to an area occupied by a mineral water bottle and the sponge head can be dried at will to avoid secondary pollution

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Lanxiaoyu Rotatable Flat Mop

The Xiaomi Lanxiaoyu Rotatable Flat Mop is currently available on Gearbest for $49.76 and comes with a free shipping option



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