Xiaomi Konjac AI Translator Offered for 25% Discounted Price of $39.99

No idea what a niche you can mention, for which Xiaomi or one of its sub-brands don’t have their own representative. Even when it comes to business or professional journalism, there are quite attractive products. Say, recently one of the company’s sub-manufacturer announced the Xiaomi AI Translator also known as the Xiaomi Konjac AI Translator. And though the launch event was held in March, this amazing device went on sale a few weeks ago. As for now, we are offering you to take a look at this AI translator, which is offered for $39.99. This is a 25% discount.

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Xiaomi Ai Translator

The Xiaomi Konjac AI Translator uses an aluminum body. It has dimensions identical to the common MP3 players. Thus, this device is great in terms of portability and ergonomics. It also comes with a sturdy and sleek design. All corners are rounded.

There are four physical keys placed on the front. They correspond to volume up, volume down, translation, and listening to your feed. There are also a single loudspeaker, a mic, and a USB Type-C port for charging. At last, the Xiaomi Konjac AI Translator sports a LED indicator to show the work status as well as remaining power.

Xiaomi Konjac AI Translator

As we said, the Xiaomi Konjac AI Translator looks like the MP3 players. But it’s more important, how it performs and does its main function – the translation. The Xiaomi AI Translator supports the simultaneous translation of 14 languages and integrates the 99% voice system function of Xiao Ai. Additionally, the device can read out the news and weather conditions from its current location. It can also help the user in learning the foreign languages.

Agree, the Xiaomi Konjac AI Translator is a really helpful device. It can be used not only for business purposes only but for journalism, tourism, and other spheres.


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