Grab The Xiaomi Smart Run WiFi Folding Treadmill With handrails for $499.99

Current treadmill models are large, heavy and not suitable for every family. After launching the WalkingPad mini portable treadmill in May, Xiaomi days ago just released a new treadmill, the  Xiaomi Smart Foldable Treadmill Walkingpad With handrails. The hope of the Giant Chinese manufacturing company is to try to replicate the success recorded some months ago with the WalkingPad, a sports tool that can also be controlled using a smartphone app that allows you to perform physical activity at a speed of up to 6km/h.

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This new version is a bit bigger than the WalkingPad Mini and looks like the miniature version of the running machine you usually see in the gym. However, larger sizes come with some benefits. Firstly, the Xiaojin Smart Foldable Treadmill adds handrails to prevent users from falling over if they are short or too tired, which the WalkingPad Mini does not have. Secondly, the large panel above will provide a digital electronic panel for monitoring the speed and other settings of the treadmill.

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The new Smart Foldable Treadmill, however, is designed and manufactured by Kingsmith Xiaojin Private LTD and supported by Xiaomi through its Kickstarter campaigns. The gadget can have a maximum load of around 110kgs and comes with an elastic running surface board to provide real road running like experience. The speed range of the Xiaomi Smart Foldable Treadmill varies between 0.8 to 15 kilometers per hour. The treadmill can be controlled completely by an app from your smartphone, and in case you want to transport it, you can always fold it on itself. Its dimensions – from open – are 1420 x 828 x 1140mm (length x width x height), supports up to 110kg in weight and allows to reach a pace of 15km / h.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Smart Foldable Treadmill Walkingpad With handrails

The Xiaomi Smart Run Treadmill l is currently available on Gearbest for $897.02 but it is avaialbe on Banggood for $499.99



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