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Xiaomi JIMMY Water Purifier is such a water purifier. It has a 4-step water purification system – a grid for removing large deposits and rust, a dense layer for solid particles, a reverse osmosis membrane and a carbon filter. Heated water to a temperature of 98 degrees.

Buy Xiaomi JIMMY Water Purifier Just at $439.99


A well-designed stylish look will fit perfectly into any interior. The miniature case is easily placed on the table in the living room, bedroom, office and other areas where there is no access to the water source. Reverse osmosis technology and four-stage filtration provide high cleaning ability and provide clean water when needed. The dispenser can be delivered to any convenient place regardless of the location of the water source. A 4-liter tank will satisfy the need for daily water.

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The dispenser is equipped with three filters with a four-stage cleaning system. The front filter has a combined structure designed to clean sediments such as rust and sediment. Imported German reverse osmosis membrane separates spores, cysts, microbes, residual chlorine, and mineral salt. The internal filter is a carbon wick that improves the taste of water. Polypropylene microfilters and the front layer of activated carbon form a two-level purification system that holds sediment, rust, and other deposits, as well as organic substances like residual chlorine, benzene, and phenol.

The inner filter is an element imported from Germany, consisting of activated carbon fiber derived from coconut shells. It inhibits microorganisms, specific odors and improves the taste of water. The diameter of the holes in the membrane is only 0.1 nm so that only particles of water can pass through them. All cysts contained in the liquid, spores, bacteria, chlorine particles, organic matter, mineral salt, and heavy metals settle on the membrane, before reaching the pump. This allows you to reach the level of distilled water.

To ensure the safety of the whole family, we have provided for three main points. And the hot water blockage prevents burns caused by the unintentional opening of the water supply. Protection against transfusion monitors the amount of water supplied. Protection against overheating is represented by water level and temperature sensors. Food grade safe materials have a bacteriostatic effect and prevent secondary contamination.

A TDS meter is a water hardness meter. it will measure untreated and purified water to clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of the cleaning. A smart sensor of the state of filter elements will show how much they are in operation, as well as their current state. When the filter expires, the system will send a message about the need to replace it. The filter unit is easy to use: an ordinary user can replace it.

Cooking food for the baby in the middle of the night is a real headache for all parents. Gather water, clean, boil, and then wait for it to cool to the desired temperature – to cook one bottle you need at least half an hour. The dispenser takes care of the hungry baby. To get the water of the desired temperature is enough just one click and three seconds. No additional temperature measurement is needed – it will be exactly as you need. The child is fed – the parents are calm.

Inside the dispenser is a heating system developed by KingClean Electric. It is supplemented with the technology of fast heating in three seconds, intelligent temperature control and instant water supply. The maximum heating temperature is 98.

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Verdict & Buy

The Xiaomi JIMMY Smart Water Purifier is more than enough for several people. The system of thermal heating with intelligent control allows you to use the filter for making coffee, tea, and other beverages. Xiaomi JIMMY Smart Water Purifier is now available only on Geekbuying For Just at $439.99 using a Coupon Code: TTDHJWGC, you can buy it just click the following Button:

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Buy Xiaomi JIMMY Water Purifier Just at $439.99

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