(Deal) Xiaomi JIMMY Handheld Washing Gun: For Just $197.99

Here is a brand in a sector where we did not expect it. Indeed, the partner brand Jimmy surprised us a short time ago with a new vacuum cleaner. recently, this brand comes back with a product that has serious assets to seduce. Xiaomi Passion is honored with the new Xiaomi JIMMY Handheld Washing Gun. this product is for people who do not have a direct water point.

Xiaomi JIMMY Handheld Washing Gun: For Just $197.99

The Xiaomi JIMMY Handheld Washing Gun comes in the form of a big gun as the name suggests. We find a very resistant ABS plastic shell of yellow and black color. Moreover, these colors remind us of a famous brand mentioned above. On the front of the Xiaomi JIMMY Handheld Washing Gun, we find a nozzle offering various possibilities of jets by rotating the head. Also, two other tips are part of the kit since there is a spear cleaner with its bottle and a high-pressure lance.

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At the center of the product is the main room. As a result, Jimmy has placed a 180W pump motor that achieves a pressure of 2.2 MPa or 22 bar. It also allows having a flow of 180L / H. Under the engine, a plug is present or attaches the water inlet hose. With this system no more need for fixed water point, the motor will pump water directly into a container.

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On the back, the Xiaomi Mijia Jimmy Handheld Wireless Washing Gun is equipped with a 2500 mAh battery for a range of about 45 minutes. It is recharged via a support provided in 2.5 hours. and measures 535 mm x 85 mm x 195 mm for 1.8 kg. It comes with a carrying bag to easily put it in your car trunk.

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Xiaomi JIMMY Handheld Washing Gun is now available on Gearbest For Just $197.99.

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