Buy Xiaomi JIMMY Smart Water Purifier Dispenser For Just $439.99 (Coupon Deal)

Xiaomi JIMMY Smart Water Purifier Dispenser – such a water purifier. It has a 4-step water purification system – a grid for removing large deposits and rust, a dense layer for solid particles, a reverse osmosis membrane and a carbon filter. Heated water to a temperature of 98 degrees. It is a larger water tank that meets daily needs.

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Xiaomi JIMMY Smart Water Purifier a well-designed, stylish look that can be placed in any environment. Xiaomi JIMMY Smart Water Purifier has No need to install, a Water purifier that can be placed anywhere. Four stages purification technology uses sediment, pre-carbon and post-carbon filters, Improve the taste.

Polluted water becomes daily water and traditional water purifiers are restricted by the site. Drinking water purifiers are restricted by the site. Drinking water depends on barrels and bottled water but barrels are prone to bacteria. Xiaomi JIMMY Smart Water Purifier solves all these problems for you.

Filter sediment, rust, and other precipitable substances to effectively remove residual chlorine, benzene, phenol, and other organic substances. The RO reverse osmosis membrane has a pore size of only 0.1nm. Only water molecules can pass through the pump. Pores, bacteria, residual chlorine, organic salts, heavy metals in the water would not be able to pass. * filtering accuracy is less than 0.0001 micron.

Imported GE’s rear coconut shell is activated by carbon fiber filter. Inhibits microorganism removes odors, improves water quality and taste sweet. The different water temperature has special meaning for different drinks so the 7-speed water temperature is set to meet different needs and the three-second speed heat technology allows you to enjoy drinks immediately such as milk powder, tea, coffee, and other drinks have suitable temperatures.

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Coupon Code: TTDHJWGC

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