Xiaomi JIMMY Portable Pressure Washer Review

There are too many cases when you need to wash your car, but there is no gear at hands or you are on the halfway where you are going to. In all those cases, we guess, you are dreaming of a portable car washer that could make your car shine again if you find a water source. Obviously, there are a few companies specialized in making such products. Worx should be among the leaders. But Xiaomi and its eco-chain enterprises have been beating all their competitors for a few years, by launching cost-effective variants of this or that gear. This time is no exception. We’re going to review the first JIMMY portable pressure washer, which is considered to be one of the best models on the market if taking into account the price-over-performance ratio. Let’s see why it’s so popular.

JIMMY portable pressure washer
again, this cutie

One of the nice things about the JIMMY portable pressure washer is that the company is not trying to push it as a pressure washer or a replacement for the traditional car washer. Almost every one of its features leans toward maximizing portability. So it can be used not only for washing the car but also for other purposes as well. We can point out a few, but we are leaving this up to you.

JIMMY portable pressure washer

In fact, we are reviewing the JIMMY portable pressure washer because it’s quite innovative, and we also wanted to see if a battery-powered pressure washer could really compete with similarly priced corded models. But we have to say those who think it is going to replace the Kärcher you used to use, it’s not so.

JIMMY portable pressure washer features

  • Water pressure: 2.2Mpa
  • Flow rate: 180L / h
  • Battery: 2500mAh x 5 (12500 mAh)
  • Fast charge: 21V 1A (CN Plug 2 feet 220V)
  • Water pipe length 6 meters
  • Material: PC, silicone and metal

JIMMY portable pressure washer box content and appearance

When you open the box, there are several pieces in the package. You’ll find the washer itself, a multi-spray nozzle, an extension lance, a foam dispenser, a battery pack, a charger, a hose, and a carry bag. As you see, it comes without the tap connector. So if you want it, you have to buy it separately.

JIMMY portable pressure washer

What is a little disconcerting for us is that we are connecting a battery with an exposed connection to a tool whose sole purpose is to shoot water. We are not saying this is a daft concept, but we would like to see a connection that offers a solid seal to keep water out. And though during our use, there was no situation when the battery and the water ‘met each other’, we are still a bit worried. But let’s ignore this at this moment because we haven’t seen pressure washers with a protected battery.

JIMMY portable pressure washer

You just simply spin the head to get to the tip you want to use. There’s no lock to overcome and the mechanism slides easy enough before slipping into a positive stop. That’s a nice feature to avoid storing different tips on the tool or somewhere else like you do with a pressure washer.

JIMMY portable pressure washer
JIMMY portable pressure washer
JIMMY portable pressure washer
JIMMY portable pressure washer

Its five-in-one nozzle comes with settings including 0-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree and 45-degree spray patterns as well as a shower setting. The shower setting has very low pressure, which makes it safe enough to water plants or do light rinsing. But you should know, you have to attach the nozzle directly to the sprayer handle for this mode. For high-pressure settings, there’s an extension lance that helps build up pressure.

JIMMY portable pressure washer

JIMMY portable pressure washer performance

During our cleaning tests, the JIMMY portable pressure washer performed quite well when removing mud from a car. Honestly, it outperforms many products available on the market. And in case you don’t have access to a water faucet, you have to use a bucket instead. But as we are dealing with a powerful washer, be ready to refill the bucket after a few minutes. Though you shouldn’t use excessively dirty water, you can attach a filter to the hose to keep stray debris from damaging the pressure washer’s internal components. The only real issue is that the hose does have a tendency to come out of the water and bucket as you work around the car. But you can use the included hose clip to keep it in the bucket.

JIMMY portable pressure washer

Of course, besides the portability, the JIMMY portable pressure washer stands out with its ability of quickly switching between a gentle shower of sudsy or clean water and a more powerful spray.

JIMMY portable pressure washer

With the pressure on high and the tip set to 15 degrees, the JIMMY portable pressure washer cleans off a pretty impressive amount of buildup on the concrete. There’s not really the runtime to do the entire driveway in one shot, but it’ll work for some spot cleaning.

JIMMY portable pressure washer

Also, use the special Eco button, which will provide a normal dirt cleaning and plants watering.

JIMMY portable pressure washer battery

Using a battery has numerous advantages, but the biggest is you’re not tethered to a power outlet, though you need one for charging. The battery also makes the JIMMY portable pressure washer extremely lightweight, only 1.8kg. It takes only 2.5 hours to charge the 12500mAh battery, and this is enough to wash your car for two times or do it for two cars. As for the numbers, this car washer works about 40-45 minutes on a single charge.

JIMMY portable pressure washer

The Bottom Line

Well, the JIMMY portable pressure washer has impressed us a lot. First, it has very stylish look, and due to the high quality materials used in it, this washer is quite convenient to hold in hands. Second, it comes with a few accessories that allow not only to wash the firm dirt but also to spray soap and to wash away it gently. Third, you can use any source of fresh water. Fourth, our protagonist comes with a relatively large battery that is enough for washing the car for two times. And what’s more important, it charges quickly. The latter also makes it portable enough to take wherever you need it.


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