Xiaomi Jacket : 229 Yuan (US$35) To Stay Fashionably Warm

Xiaomi JacketThe Xiaomi jacket is the latest attempt by Xiaomi to branch out from its core business of consumer electronics to reach different areas of the consumer’s life. So far, we have seen the Chinese manufacturer work on a Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum cleaner to complement its newer smartphones such like the Mi Note 2 and offering discounts on existing models. The Xiaomi jacket is ultralight and will keep you warm for just 229 yuan (US$35).

Xiaomi Jacket with down feathers keep you warm

This down feather Xiaomi jacket has been 3D designed and offers you protection from the biting cold wind. It is also made from Teflon EcoElite water repellent material to ensure that a slight drizzle is not going to stop you in your tracks. Regardless of whether you are going to purchase the men’s cut or women’s cut, the Xiaomi jacket will still retail for 229 yuan.

Locking in your body’s temperature so that you are comfortably warm at all times the Xiaomi jacket is extremely light to tote around and is a snap to carry around. The ladies’ range will weigh from 80 gram to 100 grams depending on the size, while the men’s will be from 95 grams to 120 grams.

Not only that, we find it interesting that the Xiaomi jacket comes with an antibacterial pocket which allows you to keep stuff that you do not want to get dirty or be at the risk of carrying infections.

The zipper used will be provided by YKK, which is a name that has been trusted for generations when it comes to high quality zippers. These YKK zippers are easy to open and remain secure without getting stuck halfway — regardless of whether you are zipping up or down. The YKK zipper used is special since it allows you to affix your headphone cable to it. This makes it useful when you want to travel with your music in tow, although a pair of wireless headphones would mean you do not have to take advantage of this feature.

Available colors of the Xiaomi jacket include black, bright gray, dark blue and military green for men, while the ladies can choose from black, light gray and rose red shades. The men have a wider range of sizes to choose from: Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL, while the ladies will have the same but miss out on the XXL collection.

The Xiaomi jacket is a crowdfunding exercise, and it is expected to become reality and ship later this October 18th. Do expect it to see more action during the autumn and spring seasons, since the Xiaomi jacket is not going to do too much in keeping you nice and toasty if you experience really cold winters.

You can check out the Xiaomi jacket crowdfunding page here if you are interested. Don’t let the folks at Xiaomi tell you the obvious that it will look best with a Xiaomi smartphone.


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