Xiaomi is taking its laptop plans seriously and guess who they have hired to help them out

While Xiaomi is the largest smartphone manufacturer in China, and the third largest in the world, it is not a simple thing to release a laptop out into the market and expect it to sell well. There were rumors that the company we going to release a laptop in 2016, and thanks to the latest information coming from the Chairman of Invetec, the notebook is going to be coming in during this timeline.

However, making a laptop is not going to be as simple as making a smartphone, or its accessories, which is why Xiaomi has been rumored to call in some reinforcements in the form of an ex-Lenovo employee. Lenovo is the largest laptop and PC OEM in the world, so it should come as no surprise that Xiaomi would end up recruiting the individual. More information regarding the individual is that he is not just any regular employee that was once part of Lenovo, but a former Senior Official from Lenovo’s Laptop Business according to Lao Yao, the Secretary General of the China Smartphone Alliance.

Xiaomi is taking its laptop plans seriously and guess who they have hired to help them out

According to Lao Yao, the laptop that is going to be released by Xiaomi is said be to be running MIUI, or in other words, the notebook could be running Google’s Android operating system. While this a clever tactic to bring Android to notebooks, it should be noted that Windows is the most popular desktop and laptop platform at this time so chances that Xiaomi is going to be releasing both versions are significantly high. One reason why this upcoming notebook lineup will storm the globe is because of the company’s low-margin, yet highly effective business model.

While pricing details of the upcoming Xiaomi laptop have yet to be detailed, you can be sure that it will be much cheaper compared to Lenovo’s laptop family, and that will definitely be worrying the firm. We will have more details for you regarding this as soon as come across it ourselves.



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