Xiaomi is going through an internal restructuring, and will focus on young talents and efficiency

Xiaomi, our great and beloved Chinese company, has created two new departments to be able to focus on young talent and, in this way, increase the level of efficiency that each of these departments have The internal restructuring of this company is carried out by the CEO of the company, Lei Jun, who will take charge of the different internal functions of Xiaomi and, therefore, will be able to strengthen its core.

This great and novel change is to ensure that the values that this company has, are transmitted in their entirety and that this improves sustainability among employees.

Xiaomi is in an internal restructuring, and will focus on the talents and efficiency

Xiaomi is going through an internal restructuring

The restructuring that Xiaomi will undergo will result in the creation of two new departments; the first of these will focus on hiring, promoting and training employees, as well as increasing the overall sustainability of employees by incorporating a model to support young talents and improve employee satisfaction while, on the other hand, the second department will focus on the progress of each business unit the company has and will help to monitor the development strategies as well.

In addition, Xiaomi also decided to add 10 new business units that include hardware units, Internet service units, e-commerce units, and a technology platform.

Xiaomi is going through an internal restructuring

Yes, all these restructuring plans look pretty good, but the actual results of this will be achieved after a while. The CEO of Xiaomi has emphasized a lot in the sustainability of the employees, since according to him “without experienced soldiers there is no succession, and without new troops, there is no future“. He later added that “a large group of young managerial talents must be prepared and developed to administer the troops, and each capable and ambitious young man must learn to fight and grow quickly on the battlefield.”

Having said that, users expect this reorganization to have a positive impact on the initial public offering (IPO) that helped Xiaomi earn US $5.4 billion in Hong Kong, since, in the midst of the Chinese government’s surveillance of companies based in this country, it will be a bit difficult to respond to the restructuring benefits.

Xiaomi is in an internal restructuring

On the other hand, the company’s earnings continue to rise

Recently, the Xiaomi registered a profit of 14.600 million yuan (which would be around 2.100 million dollars) in the second quarter of this year, which is totally opposite to the loss of 11.9 billion yuan registered just one year ago. On the other hand, sales of this company reached 68.3 percent more compared to the same quarter last year.

It is expected that Xiaomi’s earnings for the next quarter will increase exponentially, due to the fact that many devices are scheduled for launch. For example, they are preparing to launch the Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth Edition in China within five days, and the largest smartphone market in Xiaomi, India, is entering the festive season, which will also increase sales and, in In general, it will help increase the company’s income.

Xiaomi earnings continue to rise


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