Xiaomi warns about Mi fraudulent stores operating in India

We know that the Asian company, Xiaomi, has a fairly consolidated market in India, and last year, exactly during the last four months of 2018, they managed to position themselves as the most popular brand in that country, surpassing even Samsung and as expected, this success was not only accompanied by new users and fans, but also scammers who started operating under the facade of the Mi Store to take advantage of unaware customers. In this appointment, we will inform you of everything that is known about this topic and you should totally pay attention to this subject, even if you are not from India, since we never know when this bad practices can spread to other countries.

Xiaomi india

The CEO of Xiaomi India, Manu Jain, made this situation public

The CEO of Xiaomi India, Manu Kumar Jain, posted a Twitter alerting the general public about this situation. The scam is carried out through conception to open a new Mi Store franchise, with the first affected, the retail distributors, who end up paying to obtain distribution rights along with the brand logo and at the end, all the documents that are given to them are fake, but the complicated part of this is that the paperwork they are given comes with the authorized signature of the CEO of Xiaomi India, Manu Jain, who claims that his signature was falsified. He also mentions that the case was already reported in the department of computer crimes of the police, so it would be a matter of time to find those responsible. Next we will present you the Tweet that Manu Jain published, in which you can appreciate the false documents that are given to the minority distributors:

How can we identify these fake Mi Stores?

So far, Manu Jain does not offer any particular data that allows us to detect any false Mi Store, but instead, gives us advice, which refers to the following, if we distrust any product, price or any other situation that make us doubt the veracity of the purchase, we can consult directly with Xiaomi India through various channels, either through their official social networks, a contact phone number or through its website, For now it is unknown how many minority distributors have been scammed, likewise, it is not known how many continue operating under this facade, so it is suggested to proceed with caution until the situation is solved. Next we will present you the Tweet that Manu Jain published, in which you can appreciate the methods to communicate with Xiaomi:

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