Xiaomi India obtained a new Guinness World Records

The fourth Mi Home Store in Bangalore was inaugurated as well

Xiaomi India never rests, the incredible inventions of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of Lei Jun, now obtained a place in the Guinness World Records, because they created the world’s largest light mosaic, in which, of course, the image is nothing more nor less than the logo of Xiaomi, which is composed of about 9690 bulbs in total, in this way they celebrate the marketing of the company and the good development with the society of India.

But this is not only recognition of Xiaomi India, a couple of weeks ago they won for the second year in a row the Marquees award for the best mobile phone brand. It is worth mentioning that this award is given only to brands that have dedicated themselves to create their own place in the market and produce positive changes in society, as a recognition of the strategies that have managed to generate a real connection with users, in addition, this acclaimed award celebrates the experience of brands in the area of marketing.

Each mosaic bulb from Xiaomi India has a meaning

Cada bombilla del mosaico de Xiaomi India tiene un significado

In this colossal mosaic made with thousands of light bulbs, it results in a wonderful full-color image of the Asian company’s logo, but each placed bulb has a meaning, since each one represents the contribution of the employees and all Mi Fans throughout the trajectory of the Chinese manufacturer, the objective of this act was to perform a new non-conventional marketing method.

Xiaomi India: The fourth Mi Home Store in Bangalore was inaugurated

Xiaomi India: Han obtenido un nuevo Guinness World Records y una nueva Mi Home Store en Bangalore

Xiaomi India has added another Mi Home Store to its map, to be precise, it is the fourth located in Bangalore and is quite close to the company’s headquarters. This recent store that opened a couple of days ago is the largest to date, the goal of this new opening is to stand out from the rest of the company’s stores.

The main goal of Xiaomi India is to innovate in the market, in order to offer superior technology at an affordable price for all users, one of the attractions of the moment is the Pocophone F1, in recent weeks its popularity has reached the top, due to all its wonderful features. The idea of having so many physical stores in India is to improve the offline shopping experience. It is estimated that India will have a total of 100 Mi Home stores before the end of the year.

Source: XiaomiToday En Español

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