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Xiaomi IMILAB Smart Home Wireless Camera Offered For Just $39.99

Xiaomi continues to improve smart home devices. In any modern house, there should also be CCTV cameras that ensure that no one breaks you. If this happens by accident, images from such a camera will be used to more quickly identify and detect the perpetratorIn addition, people use them to watch their pets or look after their children. Just open the phone and see what happens at your place. Really convenient thing.

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One of these IP cameras is Xiaomi IMILAB, which is not only convenient but also attracts attention. Xiaomi IMILAB  can rotate 360 ??degrees, which makes them see everywhere. It can be used, for example, like child welfare, especially thanks to night vision (range 10 meters) and the quality of Full HD recording.

The camera has an algorithm that can recognize people, which makes movement alerts more accurately less frequent. Sami Video recorded using the codec H.265, which makes the final file size compared with competitors to up to 50% less,

The camera works through the Mi Home application, which many of us have met before. Of course, you can record directly to the camera, just equip its microSD card with a capacity of 64 GB, 

How to connect a phone to an IMILAB camera

  1. Google Play search Mi Home app
  2. create si My Account or login it enter
  3. Search for ” IMILAB Home Security Camera “
  4. Insert a needle or a sharp object (the SIM card slot opener) to the camera and hold it for about 3 seconds while the indicator does not change color to yellow,
  5. Turn on your phone Free Wi-Fi
  6. scanning a QR code, do not leave the camera during this process
  7. If this does not work, open the Mi Home application to change this area to China and try again

The Xiaomi IMILAB Smart Home Wireless Camera is currently available on Gearbest for $39.99



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