Xiaomi presents Huayi, an awesome device to cure burns

The Chinese firm, Xiaomi, is a large manufacturer of  smart devices a much more, also they are a huge company not only in Asia but worldwide, this is because they never rest to offer the most innovative creations in the market, including the sector of personal care. Now the company is offering new options for users who love alternative medicines by presenting the Xiaomi Huayi, a suction cup designed to cure burns. This is a small suction cup using compressed air for perfect painless use to apply on any part of the body, especially the neck and thighs.

The Huayi is based on traditional Chinese medicineXiaomi Huayi Design

The Huayi is designed based on the ventilation technique in China, this is a millenary technique that comes from traditional Chinese medicine, the therapy is about when you put the suction cup, which previously it is taken with the tweezers a cotton with alcohol inside of the suction cup, then ignited and becomes the combustion of oxygen, creates an empty that allows adhering to the treated area producing a suction effect on the skin. Currently, that kind of suction cups are made of plastic and have an unidirectional valve on the top, where the suction pump is inserted, once putting the suction cup the air inside is extracted by the air pump through this process, fulfilling the same function of the suction effect.

The Xiaomi Huayi doesn’t require to burn cotton inside, it is all done in a more practical and comfortable way, just by grabbing the handle is able to suck the air inside, thus allowing you to heal burns painlessly. This system was designed to avoid the heating and cooling of the cups.

This product comes with a game of 14 cups interchangeable total

The Huayi is made of PVC, being a highly resistant and ergonomic material to use in the skin. It has size dimensions of 69 x 53 mm, allowing its use throughout the body. And this product includes a set of 14 small interchangeable cups with which we can carry out the treatment. At the moment, the price and date of launch have not yet been confirmed.

Source: xiaomi4mi

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