Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Cor SmartBand Unboxing Photos

Xiaomi has no smartwatches in its portfolio. But Xiaomi has many sub-brands. One of them is specialized in making smartwatches and smartbands. It’s the well-known Huami brand. This company comes in with a very popular smartwatch line dubbed as Amazfit. So every time we talk about products from this family, we think of a Xiaomi product subconsciously. The same happened when the manufacturer launched the Huami Amazfit. Even now this handset is listed as the Xiaomi Huami Amazfit. The same happened when the Amazfit A1603 was announced. Retailers, people, anyone you can imagine added Xiaomi to this smartband to make it look more attractive. A few days back, Huami announced a much-anticipated smartband, which is known to large masses as the Huami Amazfit m (Moving) Band. But its real title is the Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Cor. Today we are going to get our hands on it and introduce you not only its key features but the first unboxing photos.

Huami amazfit cor

First, the Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Cor smartband sports a 1.23-inch IPS LCD color touchscreen covered with a 2.5D arc glass as well as Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Just a reminder, all other smartbands use a black and white one. The overall display surface is coated with an anti-fingerprint material. There is a small bar on the bottom of the screen that you should touch to start operating on the band.

The chassis is made of a 316L stainless steel, while the traps are made of anti-tear silicon. It also undergoes the world’s most time-consuming and premium MIM process for a one-piece stainless steel shell & PVD physical vapor deposition process. Say, the iPhone X uses this technology.

At last, as for the hardware, the Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Cor is packed with a built-in battery at 170mAh lithium polymer battery providing up to 12 days of normal use. This battery also fully charges in 2.5 hours.

As we are dealing with a sports bracelet or a smartband that should be helpful for those who are addicted to sports, the Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Cor should have an IP68 certificate. It does. Apart of this, the bracelet can be used under 50m water.

Finally, the Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Cor is compatible with the APP. But it’s a smartband, so it comes with Heart rate monitoring, Footstep measurements, Distance traveled, Burned calories, Sleep monitor, Sedentary reminder, Weather forecast (direct on band’s screen), Notification, Alarm, Stopwatch, Calendar, and Date/Day.

This new Amazfit band leaves every international wearable like Apple Watch series and Fitbit behind because of the budget and built quality. It’s priced at 299 Yuan ($46), and there are up to 6 color options you can choose from – green, orange, red, gray, light gray, and blue.

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