Huami Amazfit Cor Review: The Worthy Continuation to Xiaomi Mi Band 2

On September 20, 2017, Huami launched a new smartband belonging to the AMAZFIT family. This is the second smartband coming our way from this line. The Huami Amazfit Cor sports a 1.23-inch IPS colored screen, it is waterproof, and it costs 299 yuan ($45).

Currently, the smartband market is one of the most attractive niches for manufacturers. But because of this, newer brands enter there every day. As a result, the smartband sales have increased significantly. According to the statistics, there were sold over 21.6 million smartbands in Q2, 2017. As for the previous quarter, the shipment volume reached up to 24.7 million units. Thus totally about 50 million smartbands were sold in the first half of 2017. In comparison to 2014, when this niche began gaining momentum, there were sold only 28.9 million units during the whole year.

Huami Amazfit Cor

Looking at early statistical data we can notice Fitbit was an absolute leader in the market. But now Xiaomi is considered to be the sole leader in the market with a market share of 17.1%. That’s not difficult to guess Xiaomi and Huami come in with some cooperation. That’s it. And the smartband made jointly has become the most popular in the niche. Yes, we are talking about the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Moreover, Huami is considered to be one of the rings in Xiaomi’s ecological chain. However, Huami not only launches wearables in cooperation with Xiaomi, but also has its own line, AMAZFIT. I guess most of you are familiar with the Huami Amazfit smartwatch and its simpler version.

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As I said, recently, the company launched a new amazing smartband dubbed as the Huami Amazfit Cor. So we should get a closer look at it to understand how the manufacturer is going to keep its leading position.

Huami Amazfit Cor Appearance

The Huami Amazfit Cor comes in a white box. Like other Xiaomi products it uses minimalistic design and you won’t find anything but the manufacturer’s logo and main information about the product.

Huami amazfit cor

Inside the box, we can find the smartband itself and the charger. As you guess, it works on magnetic docks.

Huami amazfit cor

The Amazfit Cor sports a 1.23-inch IPS LCD color touchscreen covered with a 2.5D arc glass as well as Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Just a reminder, all other smartbands use a black and white one. The overall display surface is coated with an anti-fingerprint material. Below it, we can see a small key, which has been placed there to make the smart band wake up. No need to worry about anything, because it works identically to any smartphone. Thanks to it the manufacturer could avoid from putting any additional buttons and keys on the device.

Huami amazfit cor

The strap is made of an anti-tear silicone. And there are no printings on it. When looking at it and wearing the smartband we have a feeling of a premium class wearable.

Huami amazfit cor

The chassis is made of a 316L stainless steel. It also undergoes the world’s most time-consuming and premium MIM process for a one-piece stainless steel shell & PVD physical vapor deposition process. Say, the iPhone X uses this technology.

Huami amazfit cor

When looking at it from aside, a silver-gray metal frame is noticeable clearly.

The back of the bracelet carries a two-pin charging interface. Plus, there is also a PPG heart rate sensor.

Huami amazfit cor

As the bracelet uses a buckle design, the wristband can be damaged rapidly. That’s why the company has launched up to six color options for people with different taste.

The Huami Amazfit Cor comes with dimensions of 43x22x9.9mm and weighs only 32 grams.

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Huami Amazfit Cor and the APP

As the Huami Amazfit Cor supports Xiaomi’s APP, all the operations can be controlled via it.

It’s easy to download and install the APP. Use the QR code inside the user manual and download it. You can even search for it manually. The results will be identical.

Then, you have to sign in or sign up adding the required personal information.

If you use WeChat, its account can be used to log in automatically. After this process, the bracelet will sync data to APP via Bluetooth. By the way, it supports v4.1.

The Mi Sports APP main page shows the main sections of body monitoring. But if you don’t like it, just customize it in the way you want.

There are four features: outdoor run, indoor run, outdoor riding, and walking. The latter can run without enabling the GPS function. The rest three functions require GPS enabled.

In comparison with other bracelets and their software, the Huami Amazfit Cor and Mi APP focuses on a scientific fitness rather than a simple sports exercises. You can find popular fitness programs, diets, and other sports data that will help you lose weight cleverly.

The Mi APP can automatically calculate how long you have to run, walk or do different exercises to achieve your target. It can be shared with your friends. You can even check out each other’s information and make each other don’t lie down.

Huami Amazfit Cor Key Features

Mainly there are 7-8 features we should pay attention at.

Though almost all smartbands support the function of waking up when the hand rises, not all of them react well and quickly. As you can see, the Huami Amazfit Cor has no problem with this function.

Huami Amazfit Cor

The Huami Amazfit Cor comes with an intelligent interface. This means the bracelet can understand whether you are sleeping or not and provide the main functions or turn them off.

Unlike other bracelets, this one shows not only the time and date but also shows weather for coming weeks. This is great for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Huami Amazfit Cor

It’s a smartband, so it comes with Heart rate monitoring, Footstep measurements, Distance traveled, Burned calories, Sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, and many other health monitoring options. When the Sedentary function is activated, the APP will remind the user to get up every 1 hour. Actually, there are many useful functions, but there are shortcomings as well. Say if you want to track your running route, you should carry your phone with you. There is no GPS built-in module.

The Huami Amazfit Cor supports message notification function. So once you get a new message it will be pushed directly to the screen. However, only up to 54 words will be displayed.

There are three alarm modes: weekdays, every day, and tomorrow. The alarm time change is implemented via the APP.

One of the selling points of this smartband is its ability to be immersed in water for up to 50 meters. Many think it’s a regular function for all smartbands. But do not confuse it for the IP68 certificate, which means a product can be immersed in a water for 1.5m and left there for up to 30 minutes.

Huami Amazfit Cor Waterproof Test

After 20 minutes

Everything works properly.

Huami Amazfit Cor Battery

This smartband is equipped with a 170mAh battery, which can be used for up to 10 days on a single charge if believing the official data. So we decided to test it ourselves. We tested it for four days and there was remaining up to 85% of electricity. So 10 days usage causes no doubts.

As for charging, we began the process when there was remaining 70% of power. And it took only an hour to charge it fully. Thus the official information as the Huami Amazfit Cor can be charged to 100% in 2.5 hours is proper.


This smartband comes with a stylish look and a list of useful features. It really differs from its competitors in many aspects. This is rare. So, we are sure the Huami Amazfit Cor will help the company to save the title of the best-selling wearable. On the other hand, it’s priced affordably. Agree 299 yuan ($45) is not much for smartband coming our way from a top brand.

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