Xiaomi HN1 Mini Electric Nose Hair Trimmer Review

Xiaomi HN1 is a brand of Nose hair trimmer. This kind of trimmer is very excellent in design, in fact, it looks like a pen. It is made of imported steel for which it looks s shiny. It is very small in size so a user can carry it in every place. It is a waterproof device so a user can also use it in the bathroom. Besides, it has a powerful motor for which it can remove the hair more quickly and carefully.  As it is very light in weight, so it can be easily carried able to the user.

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Xiaomi HN1 ReviewXiaomi HN1 Review

UnboxingXiaomi HN1 Review

Xiaomi MN1 electric nose hair trimmer is so nicely packed that a buyer needs to cut down two packets. First of all, there is an extra packet which can be cut by a knife or a blade. Then, the next, which is the main box in which the trimmer is in.

What is inside the box

Firstly, a buyer may notice there is a box in which the trimmer put in. In the other box, the buyer may get the manual in which the how to use the trimmer and its features are mentioned.

Mini nose hair trimmer

A user can use this nose trimmer so comfortably that a user does not need to pull the device too much. Usually, moving one thing continuously is creating discomfort. But, a user can use this device more comfortably and easily compares to other nose trimmers.

Excellent Alloy steel

It is composed of alloy steel which is excellent in quality and also standard to look. Another is its design simple and steel quality is so good that it can be a better hand feeling for every user.

Main features

It has some important features. First of all, it has a high-speed motor so it can remove the nose hair quickly and also saves time. Besides, for its higher speed, a user may get a better feeling in times of cutting nose hair. Another is its sharp cutter head which is the most important component of this device. As its cutter head is sharper, so a user can easily use this. The cutter head which is not sharp enough affected badly to the skin and also time-consuming which becomes a problem for a user. Moreover, this device can be also used in the bathroom as it is waterproof. People use washroom for shaving so besides a user can also use it in the bathroom. By using it in the bathroom, a user can make the room clean. But, if this has not the waterproof feature, then a user uses it in a normal room which makes the room dirty.

Get rid of excess nose hair

If a person has too many hairs in the nose, then it will not only discomfort for the person but also it has a health issue. Due to excessive hairs, a user may face a problem of breathing normally or it may affect in the winter season due to unclear of the cold which is in the nose.

Portable Design

Nowadays we want everything to be portable. As Xiaomi HN1 nose hair trimmer is also portable, so a user can carry win every place where the user wants. In times of a long journey for 20-30 days, we need to carry important things. As this is very easy to carry, so we may take with us on every occasion.

High-quality Material

High-quality material is always wanted for any device.  For Xiaomi HN1 Nose hair trimmer, the blade is made of imported steel which is so sharp. Due to its sharpness of the blade, a user can use it more easily and comfortably. The blade, which is not sharp enough, can cause a problem to the skin.

Mini body

As the body of this product is not too large, so a user can use this device so normally and comfortably. Extra-large devices are always difficult to handle. In this perspective, this is a device which can be handled easily.

Better finish

Xiaomi HN1 Nose hair trimmer always gives comfort for the user, as its blade is quite sharper, which remove the nose hair completely. So, a user does not need to remove the nose hair on a regular basis, due to the nice finish of cutting nose hair.

Concealed switch

It has a hidden switch at the bottom of the device. This switch reduces the error which may occur sometimes. This is the switch which works as the switch of the waterproof model. By pushing the switch it acts like waterproof mode which is an essential feature for this device.

Control Channel

It has 2 control channel which safety for both the male and female. Using this channel a user can use it for removing not only the nose hair but for removing the ear hair also. So, this also reduces the cost of buying another device to cut the ear hair.

Size height

The height of this trimmer is not too much. It is just more than 12 cm. So, it can be easily put in the bag to carry it.

Product weight

The weight of the product is so light that a user may treat it as a pen. Its weight is only 0.1 kg which is so light to carry in many places.

Charging method

This device runs through a battery. By putting a battery to it, a user can use it in doing the task.


Cost is an essential thing for choosing a product. If the cost is within the limit of a user, then the user may inspire to buy that. However, the price of Xiaomi HN1 mini hair trimmer is not too much rather; it is affordable for most of the customer.

What we don’t like

The main problem is, this device run through 7 batteries. And after sometimes, these batteries become down and the user needs to buy another set of batteries. Doing this continuously is a cost concern for a user. The price of Xiaomi HN1 nose hair trimmer is not too much but it is comparatively higher than every other brand.


Xiaomi HN1 is a device, which is used for removing the nose hair. It has a lot of features which is very uncommon to other nose hair. It has a feature which is, it is a waterproof device so a user can also use it in the washroom. This device is made of some quality material and its design outlook is also gorgeous. Moreover, its color which is black makes it more standard to look.


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