Grab The Xiaomi HIMO V1 Folding Bike Moped Electric Bike For $499.99

The Xiaomi HIMO V1 Folding Bike Moped Electric Bike was launched months ago which has become the ideal alternative for cities that fight pollution, as well as being the perfect option to avoid heavy traffic. Thanks to these constant launches that are not only limited to Smartphones but linked with its wide crowdfunding platform, the brand has made itself felt all over the world and is currently one of the most recognized Chinese brands worldwide.

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HIMO V1 Color

This new alternative that Xiaomi implements in the market, is the ideal answer for lovers of the outdoors, perfect to enjoy the urban landscapes or simply enjoy the sensation of the sun on the face and the fresh breeze. An ecological and compact vehicle, great for those who decide to avoid the heavy traffic of the streets.

6Ah Battery / with Double Disc Brakes- Orange

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This new Xiaomi electric bike has been designed for the comfort of the user, thanks to its elevated handlebar, a saddle placed downwards help to keep a correct posture at all times, this chair is made with waterproof PU foam. Thanks to the ergonomic distribution of the body, the arms will be comfortably on the handlebar and the feet on the pedal without feeling any discomfort.

HIMO V1 Model

The HIMO V1 has a lightweight aluminum chassis with high-strength wheels, its dimensions are equal to 1080 x 510 x 1020 mm, weighing a total of 16.7 kg, allowing this bike to be as versatile as it is easy to handle. It should be noted that the handlebar with a lever can be folded on itself and hooked to one of the pedals, to be carried and stored anywhere.

Another highlight of the new Xiaomi device is that not only has an electric propulsion system, but you can employ the pedals to use it as a conventional bicycle and enjoy the benefits of an electric bicycle only when required.

HIMO V1 Construction

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Among its main features, we came across an integrated lithium battery module of 6AH and 36V with a conversion rate of 85%, which allows for a full recharge in approximately 6.5 hours, a time that will give you more than 50 kilometers of travel for over 500 load cycles.

On the front, we can locate a LED headlight and a second LED on the back to visualize the streets and be visible at night at all times. We can deactivate these bulbs manually from the same handlebar.

All the collected data will be shown on a small screen on the handlebar, through which we can change from the electric mode to the assisted mode. In addition, it will be possible to visualize the distance traveled, the functions of on and off, the remaining charge, to select one of the three speeds in its electric mode, and most importantly, we will not have to worry about rain or splashes that may fall on the HIMO V1, since it has an IP54 certification.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi HIMO V1 Folding Bike Moped Electric Bike

The Xiaomi HIMO V1 Folding Bike Moped Electric Bike is currently available on Banggood for $499.99 and it has a free shipping option attached to it.



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