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Xiaomi HIMO H1 Electric Bicycle Review: A Folding Two-Wheeler with Pedal-Mode, Moped-Mode and Electric-Mode

When it comes to commuting the short to medium distances, the bicycles play an essential role in this regard. Recently, the famous Chinese brand Xiaomi has just introduced the folding vehicle, dubbed Xiaomi HIMO H1 Electric Bicycle with a mid-range price tag. Today, we will review this fully-furnished product to expose its capabilities and drawbacks before you. Electric bicycles have significant dominations over the industry. Apart from being lightweight and power-efficient, these vehicles are budgets-cautious and environment-friendly. Correspondingly, Xiaomi is a dedicated brand to find out the best solutions with innovative skills and thorough research and development approach. Xiaomi HIMO H1 electric bicycle As we all know, e-commerce sites are celebrating the 11.11 Super Sale Shopping Festival these days to woo the audience with reduced prices. The Gearbest store is also on the way to offer various high-quality products at reduced prices. The Xiaomi HIMO H1 Electric Bicycle is also on sale in this festival for $699.99 against its original price of $799.99. Now is the time to initiate the review journey for the folding electric bicycle. Firstly, let’s have a quick eye on its major highlights before we dive into the thorough discussion.

The Xiaomi HIMO H1 Electric Bicycle: A Brief Specifications Overview

The HIMO H1 Bicycle is developed by the Xiaomi-backed HIMO with some incredible prospects in the pack. Most importantly, the vehicle comes with three operating modes – the Moped Mode, the Electric Mode, and the Pedal Mode. Further, it is a lightweight vehicle for easy carrying and becomes just an A3 page size after folding. The aluminum alloy body offers a stunning and delicate design to weigh only 13 kg. Xiaomi HIMO H1 electric bicycle The Xiaomi HIMO H1 Electric Bicycle can run at the maximum speed of 18 km/h whereas, the mileage is 35km. It installs a brushless DC hub motor to rate the speed at 600 RPM. For electricity, the bicycle has a 7.5 Ah lithium battery. Moreover, the whole physique of the HIMO H1 Bicycle is designed calculatedly so as to make it perfect for adults and teenagers. Xiaomi HIMO H1 electric bicycle The cushion is made of silicone to ensure comfortable sitting. The handlebar adopts an LED HD waterproof display. Above the front wheel, there is a footrest. Now, let’s have a close look at the Xiaomi HIMO H1 Electric Bicycle features in detail.

Xiaomi HIMO H1 Electric Bicycle Review Features and Specifications

The Xiaomi electric vehicle is designed to cater to the routine needs of people on a tight budget. Correspondently, it houses various dedicated features as described below.

Design and Construction

Before taking on the technical features, let’s have some words about the electric bicycle design and build. The Xiaomi HIMO H1 Electric Bicycle is built of aluminum alloy frame to ensure lightweight configurations. It is also capable of bearing a maximum weight of up to 90kg. Xiaomi HIMO H1 electric bicycle One of the amazing specialities is the folding design, which makes it just an A3 paper size after folding the structure. Hence, you are free to store it in a little space, in your car trunk for outings etc. Furthermore, the company offers the vehicle in three colors – Yellow, Grey and Blue. The front side has a foldable handlebar to host an HD display on top. The grips are non-slippery in nature for comfortable riding. On the rear wheel, the vehicle embeds a brushless motor to generate sufficient power. Moreover, the wheels of the vehicle are small-sized, designed aesthetically for an enjoyable ride. For night riding, Xiaomi installs LED headlights as well.

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Foldable cycle 2020 In terms of physical measurement, the HIMO H1 folding Bicycle measures at840 x 480 x 950 mm and weigh around 13 kg.


To supply continuous power to the system, Xiaomi has arranged for a 6000 mAh 7.5 Ah lithium-ion battery. Further, it is placed discreetly for easy maintenance. You can remove the battery from the socket to refill it without putting the whole machine on the stand. Xiaomi HIMO H1 electric bicycle The battery needs around 3 to 4 hours to hit the maximum power capacity mark. It uses a 36V rated voltage to assist fast charging.

Xiaomi HIMO H1 Motor

There is a brushless DC motor located on the HIMO H1 Electric Bicycle. Overall, it helps the vehicle to attain the maximum speed of up to 18 km/h with 180W output power. Chinese bicycle 2020 Furthermore, the motor runs on the 600 RPM speed with 36V of voltage.

Additional Features

In addition to the features described above, the Xiaomi HIMO H1 Electric Bicycle has a silicon-made cushion, left and right-hand brake system, multi-functional hook, a meter, an HD digital display to show vehicle speed, battery time etc., headlights, footrest etc. Best Chinese scooter 2020


As mentioned above, Gearbest is celebrating the 11.11 Super Sale Festival these days. The Xiaomi HIMO H1 Electric Folding Bicycle is also placed in the category to be available on reduced price. It ties a price tag of $699.99 after 13% off on the original price. Click to buy now:


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