Xiaomi HIMO C20 Electric Moped Bicycle is available for $ 669.99 only

Xiaomi HIMO c20 electric moped bicycle is another new product by Xiaomi Youpin. The Product stands out due to its design and compatibility. The bicycle has a patented structure with an integrated design. Its lightweight frame ensures you high quality and stability. It comes with three switchable riding modes.

Features: –


Xiaomi HIMO C20 electric Moped bicycle has a patented structure. It has passed high-level NC processing technology and 3c certification. The 20-inch frame of the bike is lightweight and reliable.

Best Driving experience

The Xiaomi HIMO C20 has got three switchable riding modes to give you the best riding experience. You can switch the modes according to your driving requirements. The bicycle has both electric power and human power support. Its electric mode meets daily commuting and to make your ride a pleasure ride, you can switch to Manpower or Electric-assist mode easily.


6-speed Shimano Shifting system


Xiaomi HIMO c20 electric moped bicycle comes with best in class 6-speed Shimano shifting system. The Shimano system adjusts the speed by adjusting the size of the front and rear sprocket wheels. A 250W DC brushless motor ensures a powerful power output for cycling.

Best features


Hidden Pump:-  The HIMO C20 is made with all the innovative ideas. It has got a hidden pump under your seat to use it anywhere and anytime.  Now you don’t have to depend on anyone for inflating the tires.

Double Braking System:- The bike has got sensitive and durable front and rear double brake system which provide stable braking and excellent safety.

Foldable design

Its Xiaomi HIMO C20 electric moped bicycle is designed with creative and innovative ideas. It has an in-line battery compartment which is perfectly in the frame. Its foldable handlebars allow ease of parking.

Xiaomi HIMO C20 Electric Moped Bicycle

Battery Management System

HIMO C20 has BMS battery management system helps in proper power consumption and distribution. It has got a 18650 lithium battery. The 10Ah power helps in long-lasting energy output. The electric moped bicycle can go for 80km with a single charge. You can drive it at a speed of 25 KM per Hour.

HIMO C2o is a feature-loaded bike which is perfectly designed for the ease of the users. To buy Xiaomi HIMO C20 Electric Moped Bicycle on a deal price click on the link below:-

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