Xiaomi High-class Hammock Portable Folding Durable offered for only $40.58

On ideal weather days, when the wind is blue and white, it is hard to resist the attraction from relaxing outdoors. At this time, if there was a hammock in order to sway and breathe in the air and wind, what could be more wonderful. If you have the same thoughts, the high-quality Xiaomi hammock below will not make you disappointed.

Xiaomi Hammock

Product specifications Xiaomi High-quality hammock

Brand: Xiaomi
Size: 270 x 140cm
Net weight: 700g
Strap length: 2m
Maximum load: 600kg
Material: 210T polyester yarn
High-class hammock of Xiaomi continues to be an ideal picnic accessory for those who are passionate about living the moment with nature. What’s more wonderful than swinging in a hammock in the afternoon wind gently with your favorite music or book and then being put to sleep is peaceful.

As can be seen, the Xiaomi High-class Hammock is quite large in size. When it open, the hammock can reach a length of 2.7m and a width of up to 1.4m. So you can comfortably lie in the hammock and swing in the gentle afternoon wind. Even though its so big, the hammock is absolutely compact with a volume of only 700g. When lying back, there is no sense of squash, sticking with sweat, but instead, it felt utterly relaxed.

Compared to other conventional hammocks, Xiaomi hammock only weighs 1/3 of these hammocks. While the hammock is sewn, it is possible to integrate a 12 x 24cm bag so that you can wrap the hammock and place it in the bag immediately after use. Now, if you need to move to another place, you just need to put the bag in the backpack, and you are good to go.

Xiaomi Hammock

With this hammock, Xiaomi has turned its accessories into a “giant”, capable of loading up to 600kg. In order to do that, cloth material the same one that is often used in the manufacturing of high-end sports accessories. This fabric is woven from 210T polyester yarn, so it is able to withstand great strength and is exceptionally durable.

Xiaomi Hammock

Meanwhile, the Xiaomi High-class Hammock strap is made of high-strength polypropylene material, giving the rope a strong and extremely flexible nature. Materials used on the strap are also commonly used materials in the military and in the production of fire protection supplies. Therefore, the strap is much stronger than other common types. The 2m length of the cord also allows you to easily hang a hammock at a certain location.

Xiaomi Hammock

Fixed lock design between Xiaomi High-class Hammock and strap is made from high-quality carbon steel. After processing by the electrophoresis process, the lock will not rust, but on the contrary, there is an extremely eye-catching black sparkle. Besides locking the D-type lock design, you only need to gently squeeze it at the end of the lock that can be unlocked and fix the strap to close immediately.

Xiaomi Hammock

Where to buy Xiaomi High-class Hammock?

The Xiaomi High-class Hammock is available at gearbest for just $40.58.


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