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Xiaomi Haylou T15 Wireless Earbuds Officially hits online market: Available for $28.99

Xiaomi has launched 4 wireless handsets in the last 3 months, the latest model being called Haylou T15. As the name implies, it is a product of the partner brand Haylou, which has already become well known in the production of headphones. The latest model and boasts a particularly long endurance that no other Xiaomi or Haylou headphones have ever offered. They also maintain a very low price.

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Price without coupon: $33.31
Coupon code 1($28.99): BGT1599
Coupon Code 2($29.98): AFfbG10

Solid battery, battery life up to 60 hours

The biggest attraction of the Haylou T15 headphones is battery life. Each headphone is equipped with a 43 mAh battery and can play music for up to 2.5 hours when fully charged. The 2200 mAh rechargeable battery provides up to 60 hours of listening to music or 100 hours of continuous talk time .

The headphones charge in 1.5 hours. The charging box can also be used as a power bank for a smartphone.

Water resistant design

Design is different from all its predecessors. Headphones include a rectangular charging case; As for color, Haylou T15 is only available in matt black.

The weight of the headphones is 37 grams and dimensions 2.19 x 2.16 x 1.78 cm . The headphones are very compact and almost invisible during use.

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The charging box is really small, fits easily in one hand or pocket. Despite its size, it contains a relatively large battery. On the right side of the case is a charging connector and a small LED sensor.

New to the Xiaomi Haylou T15 is the large button on the front of the charging case. Press the user to simply check the charge level. Inside the cabinet there are 3 LED sensors to see the charge level.

The Xiaomi T15 is equipped with wireless headphones. They include a loudspeaker with rubber earmuffs and two charging connectors. On the outside there is a LED sensor and touch control panel.

The new Xiaomi headphones also boast IPX5 waterproof . Headphones can be used during rain or sports.

Touch control and Bluetooth 5.0

The Xiaomi Haylou T15 can work at the same time as a stereo, or you can use just one handset, for example, when making a car call. They support modes like game, music, call mode, and more.

Price without coupon: $33.31
Coupon code 1($28.99): BGT1599
Coupon Code 2($29.98): AFfbG10



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