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Xiaomi Haylou GT2 earbuds Review: Better than the Haylou GT1 Pro

We all know the Xiaomi Haylou GT1 and the pro version of the earbuds were great and were bought by thousands of customers. The earbuds come with the high-quality sound, and the 12 hours battery life. The earbuds were sold at about $25. And now the company launches the new Xiaomi Haylou GT2, the new wireless earbuds. The new earbuds are compact and come with the USB charging cable. 7.22mm speaker of the wireless buds also comes with the noise reduction technology.

Xiaomi Haylou GT2

Now the new Haylou GT2 is available at just $17.99.

Features of Xiaomi Haylou GT2:

Xiaomi Haylou GT2 Design:

The new Haylou GT2 was tested with several designs. The size of the earbuds now is quite small as compared to the older Haylou GT1 and pro version. The size of the case is 6.2 x 4 x 2.7 cm. The shape of the case is round and oval shape with round edges. So, you can hold them easily and are very easy to carry.

Xiaomi Haylou Gt2

The new thing that you will notice in the new earbuds is that the haylou GT2 don’t have the upper cover. Yes, you have read the right thing, that the case is always open. We are not sure that it will be helpful or not to keep the case open. There can be problems like magnet failure or one or both the earbuds can fall with this open case.

Xiaomi Haylou Gt2

The weight of the case is 35 grams.

The another different feature you get in the product is that the case comes with the charging cable attached to it. In our opinion it is the best idea. The charging cable is given on the right side of the case. It is good as from now you don’t have to look for the charging cable. So, you can charge the earbuds anytime and anywhere you like.

Xiaomi Haylou Gt2

The Xiaomi Haylou GT2 case don’t have any logo design on it. You will only see the charging light on the box. But when you look at the earbuds, both the earbuds have the company logo on it. This haylou logo is also the button from where you can control the activities of the phone. The buttons are physically control. More information about the buttons is provided later in this article.

Specs and Functions of Xiaomi Haylou GT2:

As being the number one in this field, Xiaomi Today is not new to test the TWS earbuds. The earbuds are connected to the Bluetooth through the Bluetooth.

Xiaomi Haylou Gt2

The new Haylou Gt2 work in a new way. As the right earbud is the main one. And you have to connect the right earbud to the phone and then the left is connected to the right one. And we are good to go to listen the great volume from the phone.

Xiaomi Haylou Gt2

The Xiaomi GT2 comes with the new Bluetooth 5.0 version. This is the latest and gives the best speed. Or you can say it offers the best transferring speed as compared to the other earbuds. The earbuds reduces the delay in the music like, you get the similar sound on the earbuds what is played on the phone at same time.

Xiaomi Haylou Gt2

The Bluetooth 5.0 also comes with the new feature where the phone is connected to the earbuds upto 10 meters. The 7.2mm speaker in the Xiaomi Haylou GT2 brings the high frequency and powerful bass.

Xiaomi Haylou Gt2

We can bet and say that the new Haylou GT2 earbuds are the best from the company in the voice feature. As, the new earbuds comes with the DSP noise reduction.

Xiaomi Haylou Gt2

Control Xiaomi Haylou GT2:

Now in this section we will read about the physical buttons on the earbuds, which we talked before. The buttons on the earbuds are located on the both the earbuds. Also the logo designs are made on the buttons to recognize them.

Xiaomi Haylou Gt2

The best part in the Haylou GT2 earbuds is that the earbuds support the Google assistance, Siti and the Xiao Ai voice assistance. Similar to the Apple airpods to use the voice assistance you need to tap not two but three times in these.

Xiaomi Haylou Gt2


When you are using the Earbuds you always like to wear them and want that you might not remove them. Each of the earbud is 43mAh. So, for this the company has come up with the more battery back-up. One of the earbud can be used for 4 hours of talktime. And to charge one earbud, it takes only 1.5 hour.

Xiaomi Haylou Gt2

Price and where to buy:

Xiaomi Haylou GT2 earbuds are already available for purchase and youo can buy them from the link below at the very reasonable price of $18. We recommend you to buy this earbuds when we compare to others in the market.

Xiaomi Haylou Gt2

If you are one who is looking for the wireless earbuds which gives the great volume and is in the great price range, then we must say this deal is not to be missed.

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