Grab The Xiaomi Happy Life Hook 6pieces For Just $7.77

Years ago, I visited my sister that gave birth and decided to help her out since I was less busy that period. I find my self in the kitchen, washing the dishes, after washing the spoons, in particular, I  placed it on its hook. The hook was directly on top of some set of breakable plates, I believe you got a clue of where am going to already. If you haven’t, let’s go. I just stepped out of the kitchen door and the next thing I heard was lots of shattering sounds, the hook wasn’t strong enough to hold the spoon, and lo, the spoon feel on the breakable plates, and all the breakable plate, got broken. I got so embarrassed.  Seeing this Xiaomi Happy Life Hook 6pieces, I remembered that incident and decided to share this hook with you that would avoid all of such issues. You would have 6 pieces of this hook if you purchase the product. Let’s get to see why we all need this hook.

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The Xiaomi Happy Life Hook 6pieces is made of imported high-performance ABS resin material, which is durable under 1000 hours of UV light test. This clearly shows that you would get to use this very product without any single issues. The bottom hook part is integrally formed with the glue part, and the strong part can make the product not easily deformed and the bearing weight is stronger

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Wih the Xiaomi Happy Life Hook 6pieces, you rest assured that what so ever you hang wouldn’t touch the ground, except you go and get it. It utilizes VHB tape which is imported from Ameria, VHB adhesive series is specially designed for building panels and large-scale engineering structures. It has stable performance, and able to withstands the high load-bearing tests, which is firmly bonded and will not fall easily.

How do you get to place this product on the wall? just look at the picture below, it describes the process fully.

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Main Features

  • High-performance ABS resin material with America imported adhesive, strong and durable
  • 3kg load-bearing meets your daily needs
  • Easy to install, only 3 steps needed
  • No glue marks remain on the wall after the hook is removed
  • Exquisite round and smooth workmanship
  • Suitable for multiple scenes, such as bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Happy Life Hook 6pieces

The Xiaomi Happy Life Hook 6pieces is currently available On Gearbest for $7.59 and it would be delivered to your various destination for free.



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