Xiaomi Half in-ear Type-C Headphones Offered at $22.82

Recently, Xiaomi launched the Type-C version of the Xiaomi dual-unit and half-in-ear headphones. This product breaks the limitation of the 3.5mm headphone jack and is equipped with a dynamic ring + ceramic speaker dual-unit acoustic architecture as well as with a high-quality HD digital decoding chip. It helps us to keep up with the development trend of mainstream smartphones. As for now, the Xiaomi Half in-ear Type-C headphones are offered for $22.82.

The Xiaomi Half in-ear Type-C headphones adopt an ergonomic in-ear angle. Using the most popular 3D printing technology, the model simulates the comfortable wearing of the earphone in the ear canal and puts the ceramic-shaped outer casing into the ear. It brings a lighter and more comfortable wearing experience all the time.

Xiaomi Half in-ear Type-C Headphones

The wire is made of high-elastic, environmentally-friendly and temperature-resistant TPE materials. So you shouldn’t be afraid of tearing and pulling the wire of the Xiaomi Half in-ear Type-C headphones. It is available in black and white. Its length is 1.5m and it weighs 15 grams.

The Xiaomi Half in-ear Type-C headphones use a USB Type-C interface that can be used directly with the phone and is not tied to the adapter. At the same time, as we said, it is equipped with a new digital decoding chip that improves the decoding rate, effectively reduces the loss of audio in the transmission of the medium, can accurately restore the essence of a music, and other advantages.

Xiaomi Half in-ear Type-C Headphones

Another highlight of the Xiaomi Half in-ear Type-C headphones is the ‘moving ring + ceramic horn dual-unit acoustic structure.’ The diaphragm of the ceramic horn is a piece of flat ceramic. The vibration of the ceramic is not affected by the air chamber. So the sound is more layered. The ceramic diaphragm has a very small amplitude, only about 1/10 of the average diaphragm. So the distortion is smaller, and the high sensitivity of the ceramic speaker makes the response to the sound signal more rapid, which can effectively extend the high-frequency range up to 40kHz for a more natural and realistic listening experience.

The Xiaomi Half in-ear Type-C headphones have passed the latest Hi-Res Audio certification of the Japan Audio Association, which is comparable to CD sound quality. If HQ or SQ super high-quality music is downloaded from the smartphone or player, the Xiaomi Half in-ear Type-C headphones can output the original sound without loss.


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