Xiaomi Guildford Sports Lining: an excellent accessory for your Smartphone

Depending on what we need for our mobiles, we are quite fussy to find the ideal accessory and to choose from an infinity of proposals designed to meet the demands we have, for this reason, this time Xiaomi takes a step forward and enters the market the Xiaomi Guildford Waterproof Bag, a bag for the protection of the phones or its latest release, the Xiaomi Guildford Sports Lining, a bracelet-type complement that will protect our Smartphone, as well as allow us to carry it with us in a comfortable way, so we invite you to stay with us to learn more about this article.

Xiaomi Guildford Sports Lining

Xiaomi Guildford Sports Lining: Design and features

First, this incredible accessory comes in a simplistic package that meets the following dimensions: 15cm x 15cm x 15cm and a weight of 0.3kg, which will also be accompanied by a small user manual in Chinese, while inside our packaging we will find: the Xiaomi Guildford Sports Lining.

Xiaomi Guildford Sports Lining: Design and features

Now, entering the field, we are facing a comfortable tool that consists of a minimalist design with sporty air, because thanks to its resistant materials we can use it while we run, walk or do some activity where it is necessary to take our mobile phone to the arm and exposed to the environment.

Xiaomi Guildford Sports Lining: Design and features

To the naked eye you can see a soft cloth covered in 17% polyester plus 12% spandex that stretches simulating the contour of the arm and is adjusted by means of a strap with safety clasp, on the other hand, this is accompanied by a 26% plastic, better known as TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) that allows us to continue using the device once it is inside the case, being sensitive to touch.

Xiaomi Guildford Sports Lining: Design and features

In the back of our case we can see some specifications with the manufacturing material used plus the brand, also, we can see a small pocket where we can store our IDs and/or credit cards.

Xiaomi Guildford Sports Lining: Design and features

This type of complement is so attractive thanks to its materials and colors since it has available 2 versions, which are: orange and blue that are used in the back of the lining, while on the edges of the front we will see a gray tone.

Xiaomi Guildford Sports Lining: Design and features

The Xiaomi Guildford Sports Lining has the following dimensions: 105 mm wide and 220 mm long, which determines the size of the equipment that fits in the lining, supporting smartphones with a size between 6 and 5.6 inches, being made to measure for smartphones such as the Xiaomi 6X, Xiaomi Mi 8 SE, Xiaomi 6X, Xiaomi Note 2 or other smaller devices.

Xiaomi Guildford Sports Lining: Design and features

The objective of this lining is to protect our terminals from contact with sweat, dust, blows or water, as this will cause a lot of damage to a phone, so this accessory is waterproof, resisting splashes and even supporting a few minutes submerged without any danger. Added to this, thanks to its construction materials is quite strong, so this bag will reduce any damage to our devices.

Xiaomi Guildford Sports Lining: Specification Table

Basic information
Manufacturer’s Name: Xiaomi
Product name: Xiaomi Guildford sports lining
Model: Waterproof bag
  • Polyester
  • Spandex
  • TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane)
Dimensions:  15cm x 15cm x 15cm
Weight: 0.3kg
  • 1x Xiaomi Guildford sports lining
  • 1x User’s Manual

Xiaomi Guildford Sports Lining: Where to buy it?

Currently, we can find the Xiaomi Guildford Sports Lining at the Aliexpress online store for a price of $11.45 (€10.03) for that reason, if you want to enjoy this beauty, do not delay in acquiring it. Next, we will leave the purchase link below in case you are interested in this fabulous accessory for your mobile:

Buy Xiaomi Guildford Sports Lining on Aliexpress

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