The first Xiaomi glasses to rest your eyes have been presented in the Asian market

The great Chinese manufacturer continues to stand out thanks to the launch of new products

Xiaomi is a great Chinese manufacturer that is not only popular for its gigantic line of Smartphones, this brand has not stopped to stand out among the other brands at any time, today presents the first Xiaomi glasses to rest your eyes.

The Chinese company stands out thanks to its wide catalog that covers almost all kinds of products covering most of the different markets and fulfilling each of the needs that users require for their daily duties, today they complement their line of products for lifestyle, the glasses are part of Xiaomi’s intelligent accessories that will undoubtedly make it easier to practice everyday life.

Xiaomi glasses for resting eyes have built-in technology

Xiaomi glasses Blue

This is not the first time that the Chinese manufacturer launches glasses, has launched glasses of all kinds, from the lenses to protect us from the sun, to augmented reality glasses, however, the company wanted to solve the needs of users with regard to rest adequate sight, hence the first Xiaomi glasses to rest your eyes.

These glasses have state-of-the-art technology that will provide an ideal rest for the eyes, thanks to a system that allows heating the support to give heat to our eyes, so they can relax in a better way.

The glasses are made with resistant materials and high-quality elements, the glasses have come to solve the fatigue that the eyes suffer in long study sessions, from reading books to spending hours in front of a monitor.

This product is similar to an intelligent mask, it is fully rechargeable, it recharges using a type-C USB cable, it can offer several sessions of use before having to recharge it. The Xiaomi glasses for resting eyesight are priced at $ 11.75 (€ 10), it is expected that soon they are for sale in virtual stores.

Source: xiaomi4mi

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