Xiaomi Geometry Fish Tank: Decorative, functional and with integrated plant

After so many Xiaomi products that we have taught you over the years, we are sure you will say: “what can surprise me?” We know very well that almost nothing, but it never hurts to try. Today we present you an article that you can consider unnecessary or you can be one of the people that will see it as very useful, it depends. In any case, the Xiaomi Geometry Fish Tank is a fish tank that far exceeds any other you’ve seen. Not only can you raise fish but also grow a beautiful plant, all in conjunction with cutting-edge technology that will make your task easier. A beautiful adornment very functional. Check out its features!

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Xiaomi Geometry Fish Tank

Xiaomi Geometry Fish Tank: Design of two ecosystems

At first, we can see that the Xiaomi Geometry Fish Tank has a gentle and elegant design. In a certain way, it has a rectangular and oval shape. The best thing that we will find in this fish tank is that you can dedicate as much to the fish culture as to the cultivation of flowers, for which reason, we are before an ecological fish tank that can give us two ecosystems in one. No matter where you put it, whatever the environment, your home, office or room, it will be more harmonious and comfortable.

Xiaomi Geometry Fish Tank: Design of two ecosystems

Something important to mention is that it is not necessary to change the water frequently. It has intelligent control through an induction button for the water change. This way you avoid wasting time to perform this task. The general measures of the tank are 382 x 229 x 166mm and only weighs 1 kg. Let’s not forget to mention its manufacturing materials, which are mainly PMMA + ABS.

Xiaomi Geometry Fish Tank: Design of two ecosystems

As we can see in the images, a plant stands out above. The reason for this is because a siphon-type pot is included that recycles the water from the tank to hydrate and nourish the plant. Of course, it does not affect the water in any way because the diameter of the water hole in the pot is small to avoid the influence of the soil on the quality of the water.

Xiaomi Geometry Fish Tank: Design of two ecosystems

If you want to color the fish tank, you have the possibility to create five ambiance scenes with the integrated LED light using any of the following colors: blue, green, purple, pink and turquoise.

Also, the filter tank is molded integrally with the upper frame and has a resistant structure. The four-stage filtration system, the volcanic stone, the nitrifying bacteria of the magnetic ring stone culture, the activated carbon to kill the harmful bacteria, the upper filter cotton and the lower layer biochemical cotton can filter the waste, making the tank cleaner and more efficient.

Xiaomi Geometry Fish Tank: Features and functionality

It contains a sophisticated purification system through the use of a water pump that must be powered through a USB cable connected to a power bank or charger. In turn, this system irrigates the plant that is in the upper part of the fish tank. It mainly consists of a four-stage filtration system with a touch of technology. The most important filtration is the carbon system to kill harmful bacteria. As we said before, the design is easy to use and thanks to its intelligent one-button control it saves us a lot of hassle.

Xiaomi Geometry Fish Tank: Features and functionality

In addition, it is equipped with an independent power port to adjust the oxygen supply. In this way, it is not always necessary to completely open the upper lid of the fish tank to feed them, and the adjustment knob is designed on the side of the feeding port to adjust the oxygen supply according to the fishes’ requiriments. When the fish tank stores water, the water vapor is sent directly to the plant.

The water pump can be turned on once a day to keep the water clean. But if we want the fish to live well, we must turn it on regularly for the oxygen to flow.

Xiaomi Geometry Fish Tank: Features and functionality

It also has a 5V low voltage safety control system. The Xiaomi Geometry Fish Tank uses the USB DC power supply system, with which there will be no fear of a power failure. We will have at our disposal a low voltage safety water pump (low voltage of 5V DC) and 1-degree power supply, which will be available for more than 15 days. A cargo treasure can complete all the security work of the system using the control chips of the STMicroelectronics STM32 series that are safer and more stable.

The 5V water pump is not only useful during a power failure, but it also makes the Xiaomi Geometry Fish Tank high efficiency, allows aeration, air circulation, and water circulation while ensuring stable performance, without annoying noises and while energy saving in the process.

Xiaomi Geometry Fish Tank: Features and functionality

Xiaomi Geometry Fish Tank: Specification Table

Basic information
Brand: Xiaomi
Model: Geometry Fish Tank
Kind: Fish tank of two ecosystems
Manufacturing materials: PMMA + ABS
LED color scenes: Blue, purple, pink, green and turquoise
Product Details
Product weight: 1000g
Filtration Four stage filtration system
Dimensions of the product: 382 x 166 x 229 mm
Color of the fish tank: White
Power: 5W
Voltage: 5V
Package content
Includes Xiaomi Geometry Fish Tank
Xiaomi Geometry Fish Tank: Specification Table

Xiaomi Geometry Fish Tank: Where to buy it?

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