The Rugged Xiaomi Gaming Keyboard Offered For $59.99(Coupon)

Some days ago, On August 8 to be precise, Xiaomi launched a new gaming keyboard. This Keyboard is quite different from several keyboards that were previously launched by ‘Yuemi’ brand of the eco-chain enterprise. The Xiaomi Gaming Keyboard comes with an amazing RGB backlight. without wasting much of your time, let’s get to meet the product in details.

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Xiaomi Game Keyboard

The appearance of a keyboard is very important. We can even say it’s the most important selling point of a product from this category. Moreover, we are dealing with a game product that simply means customers will pay much attention to its look. In the past, the simple design of Xiaomi ecological chain products has always had a good reputation. Obviously, this Xiaomi Game Keyboard has also been passed down on the lineage. As for the appearance of the Xiaomi Game Keyboard, its structure comes with a narrow frame and a semi-submerged design. There is no random palm rest.

Xiaomi Game Keyboard

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Actually, the appearance is very simple, not too much modification. The upper cover is made of aluminum alloy. According to Xiaomi’s official description, it is made of 5052 Korean aluminum after stamping, grinding, CNC, sandblasting, anodizing, and laser engraving. The process is indeed very good, and the anodized surface treatment is also more delicate and textured. The only Xiaomi LOGO is placed in the upper right corner of the finely crafted metal plate. The plastic bottom case has four footpads, two of which are replaceable. They can be replaced with a high pad to raise the keyboard. No complicated foot structure is used.

Xiaomi Game Keyboard

In terms of lighting, a full-color independent RGB backlight is used, and the lighting of each button can be controlled separately. However, the Xiaomi Game Keyboard does not have the corresponding control software. So you need to use the Fn+ key combination to control. A total of 14 dynamic effects can be set, including color, brightness, and speed adjustment. In addition to lighting control, the Windows button provides some combination of keys commonly used by gamers.

Xiaomi Game Keyboard

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In terms of hardware, the Xiaomi Game Keyboard uses the Sonix 32-bit ARM master MCU, with a 48M frequency, a 1000Hz return rate, and supports 33 keys, basically covering the common combination of the game area.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Gaming Keyboard

The Xiaomi Gaming Keyboard is currently available on Gearbest for $59.99 using coupon code; GB$CNMiKB104 and comes with a free shipping option.



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