Xiaomi Gaming Headset available from April 27

As we know, Xiaomi is a manufacturer whose global approach has been to try to enter most of the markets of the technological world and one of the markets with more sales is the gaming products in which Xiaomi now wants to enter. Previously, the company already released a gaming laptop, the new Gaming Smartphone called Black Shark and now the company will launch the Xiaomi Gaming Headset for the players.

Functions of the Xiaomi Gaming Headset:

In the design, it can be seen that it has a slightly minimalist design, typical of Xiaomi products. But it also has something characteristic of the gaming products: two LED bands on the two sides of the handset. To these LED lights we can configure the colors through an application.

The software supports expansion with various surround effects. They are downloaded to the computer and the application configures the headphones. The device is quite light and will fit conveniently to the head, in addition to the ear muffs do not cause pressure on the skin. Everything was created for an excellent experience while you enjoy video games.

Xiaomi Gaming Headset LED light

The headset has virtual 7.1 audio that offers surround sound quality. Something more standardized in several of the headphones of this same range. The Xiaomi Gaming Headset has a diaphragm composition of 40 mm graphene. A great feature for the surround sound. In addition, it will also prevent the sound from leaking out much outside noise. And it comes equipped with a noise-canceling microphone that will not pick up the noise you have around you.

Dual Microphone ENC Ambient Noise Reduction Technology

Specially designed with the Dual Microphone ENC Ambient Noise Reduction Technology, to better meet the needs of the game. Which is used to suppress outside noise and concentrate only on the player’s voice. Even in noisy online games or in tournaments, teammates can clearly hear their instructions and voice commands. Both microphones are located in the housing of the headphones, without protruding parts or cables.

It will integrate two connectors provided by the company: a 3.5 mm connector and another for the USB type C port.

Xiaomi Gaming Headset: The Quality For Real Gamers

In general, this new production of the brand focused on gaming will offer us a correct audio quality to play. This proposal tells us that Xiaomi is entering this year with all its forces in the gaming market. However, we still have to see more articles for games that we can surely expect in the next announcements of the brand. The new Xiaomi Gaming headset will be available from today April 27 in China for 349 yuan (~ $ 55). For now, it is not yet known when it will be available in other parts of the world. But be attentive to our page for upcoming news.

Xiaomi Gaming Headset: The Quality For Real Gamers


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