Xiaomi and Autofull launch a new Gaming chair in China

Esports continue gaining users internationally, and Xiaomi seeks to keep pace with the trends, allying with Autofull, a well-known Asian company of products for videogame fans, to launch a new Gaming chair.

Autofull is the official sponsor of important competitions in the world of electronic sports such as the League of Legends Pro League (LPL), the most important Chinese electronic sports competition.

The Gaming chair is focused on the simplicity and comfort of the user

Xiaomi - Gaming chair

The Gaming chair separates a bit from the minimalism that Xiaomi usually pursues in the designs of its products, looking for bright colors and an attractive design for those who spend several hours in front of the computer and look for maximum comfort, including the Autofull logo on the back of the product.

The chair is designed to be practical and ergonomic, including high durability materials, which allows modifying the desired height of the chair and the inclination of it, thus facilitating a suitable position for each user to their own taste.

The chair will have availability in different colors such as blue, yellow or black, and will support up to 113.6kg of weight.

Its price will be around $148 [€127], being a competitive price in the market, the Gaming chair aspires to be an affordable and good quality product for the enjoyment of its users.

Its distribution will be exclusively in China but could reach Europe through digital stores, as it happened with products from Xiaomi and Autofull previously, the recommendation is to stay aware of the reach of the new Gaming chair in the market.

Source: xiaomi4mi

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