Xiaomi France Is The Next Milestone: Mi Store Will Arrive In Paris

Several months ago we saw how Xiaomi opened a new store in Spain and this time is about to open another store in Paris, France. At this point, is not a secret for anybody that the Chinese company is trying to reach most of the European market. Thus, according to French media, on May 22 the company will open its first Mi Store in Paris and declare that in the future will open more in other cities. Get ready for Xiaomi France!

The manufacturer hopes to take advantage of a favorable context:

“Although the market was historically dominated by operators, now it is opening more,” declared Lilian Liu, one of the company’s international managers.

Faced with growing competition in its domestic market, Xiaomi has tried for the past four years to enter international markets. A successful bet in India, where we recently saw how it has positioned itself as the preferred brand in the country. In total, the brand is now present in 70 countries around the world, mainly through local distributors. In 2017, Xiaomi ranked as China’s fifth largest smartphone producer.

Last year, the company said that its turnover exceeded 100 billion yuan of turnover (13 billion euros), but does not communicate about its profits or growth. One thing that could change soon, since the company, according to Bloomberg, is preparing for its IPO.

What can we expect from Xiaomi France?

When you visit a Xiaomi store you can see a very wide variety of electronic products. But not everything in Xiaomi is about Smartphones and laptops. You can also get appliances part of the Xiaomi ecosystem. In addition to products manufactured by third parties that also fit in the store.

Of course, we will continue to find the latest in the company, such as its new phones, its range of electric scooters and its new laptops. And something we already know is that we can expect that affordable prices for all of them, which has led the company to have a high number of sales.

Xiaomi France Is The Next: Mi Store will come to Paris
Xiaomi France Is the Next Milestone

However, Xiaomi will continue to rely on online sales sites to grow the brand widely across the country. They also hope to ally with some local brands to distribute their products in more places. So you can see some Xiaomi devices in supermarkets or other electronics stores. And, to be known more widely, they ensure a great activity in social media.

That fact that Xiaomi arrives in France after having several stores in Spain, makes us see that the company will continue betting on expanding in as many European countries as possible. Due to the great success, it has achieved in recent years thanks to the price-quality ratio that most of the products they offer have, with which people from all over the continent prefer to have a Xiaomi product.



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