Xiaomi Foldable Noon Break Rest Bed Offered For $113.67 & Xiaomi Sleeping Bag For $136.21

Weeks ago we informed you about new Xiaomi products that will find their application in camping which would make camping a memorable one. The Chinese company presented a hammocktent and watertight case for a smartphone and walkie-talkies so as to aid movement and avoid anyone missing. Two new products have been added to the line. A Foldable bed and sleeping bag. It is true that the bed cannot be used inside the tent but the sleeping bag will work perfectly well.

Folding GOCAMP bed

Xiaomi Foldable Noon Break Rest Bed

The Xiaomi Foldable Noon Break Rest Bed is perfect for trips to nature. It is very mobile, and portable with a dimension of 188 x 65 x 14cm when at large, and a dimension of  25 x 15 x 103cm when folded. Weight is also important in this type of product, the bed weighs only 7 kg. The place where the headrests can be adjusted according to your preferences to ensure a more comfortable sleep. The bed is very strong and can carry lots of loads.

Folding GOCAMP bed

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The Xiaomi Foldable Noon Break Rest Bed is currently available on Gearbest for $113.67

Xiaomi Sleeping Bag

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The Xiaomi sleeping bag is made of synthetic fiber and cotton. Thanks to that it heats very well and is waterproof. The folded sleeping bag which is stored in a special case is very mobile because it would be very portable. When we unfold, the dimensions look as follows: 14 cm long and 215-50 cm wide. The sleeping bag is narrower in the legs and expands towards the top of the body.

The Xiaomi sleeping bag is currently available on Gearbest for $136.21



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