COUPON Xiaomi flower care plant sensor and monitor now available at $12.99

The bottom line is – the Xiaomi flower care is made to monitor the conditions of a herb by four parameters — light, temperature, moisture, fertilizer, and has a significant base on vegetation. Tells if the whole plant will do intended for a standard existence.

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The Xiaomi flower care comes in a well-packed package without any incident. Packed well.


The Xiaomi plant sensor and monitor is delivered in a thick cardboard box, decorated in characteristic for the products included in the ecosystem of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi flower care
The box was sealed in plastic


Xiaomi flower care

On the relative back side are indicated sensor characteristics. Sensor functions through Bluetooth 4. 1

What’s in the box

The Xiaomi flower care sits tightly in a package, will not go out – everything is considered.

Xiaomi flower care

Instructions in English – everything is painted clearly, there are also pictures showing how to correctly use the sensor. There is a QR code for downloading the application form also.

Xiaomi flower care
Appearance, measurements

The primary sensor module, hidden in a white plastic case, offers two very long contacts manufactured from the materials that I was most reminded of PCB. At the final end – metal contacts.

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Xiaomi flower care
Xiaomi flower care full length – 13 cm

Xiaomi flower care
Beneath the cover, protected by a waterproof tabs – battery 2032. You ought not to immerse the Xiaomi plant sensor and monitor in drinking water, but in the event that you pour it on accidentally, nothing bad may happen.

Xiaomi plant sensor and monitor
It really is established in the ground next to the plant, that ought to end up being monitored. On the top part of the sensor there is a light sensor coupled with a task LED.

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Xiaomi plant sensor and monitor
Work with software

To utilize the Xiaomi flower care, you should set up the Flower Treatment software, which is designed for both IOS and Google android. After installation, you need to bring these devices to the sensor far away of no more than 12 cm and perform a search. Actually, the sensor is usually recognized and a little further, however the range is quite modest — a few meters.

Xiaomi flower care Xiaomi plant sensor and monitor
Next, you need to put in a plant – this is often done simply by searching found in the bottom of plants, or perhaps, in case you are uncertain of the precision of the name – there exists a manual addition wizard where you select the appearance, the form of the leaves – narrowing the search circle to your plant eventually.

Xiaomi flower care
The problem is monitored simply by 4 parameters – light, moisture, temperature, fertilizers. The Xiaomi plant sensor and monitor has its memory space, the data from which is usually coordinated with the device. I sync only once a full week. The information enables you to know very well what is lacking your plant for total happiness. Data display settings can be in the context of the full day, week and month.

Xiaomi plant sensor and monitor
The Xiaomi flower care and monitor could be linked to the wise house control system – and setup, for example , automated notice. Up to now, I didn’t hook up this sensor to the primary “server” on raspberry Professional indemnity 3, due to its unapproachablity, it simply doesn’t end Bluetooth, but just a little later on, I believe to get inexpensive single-board computer some, like Orange with Bluetooth, including Mi Bacteria control.

How to buy  Xiaomi flower care?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

COUPON CODE: COPL18CCIG                                                VALIDITY: 06/30/2019


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