Xiaomi FIVE Smart UV Disinfection Sterilizer Lamp offered for $69.99

Xiaomi youpin community fundraising platform has just launched a new product to protect the health of users with the name Smart Smart Sterilization disinfection lamp

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About the design

Five Smart Sterilization is designed with H-shaped tube structure and has dimensions of 240 x 120 x 120mm . In the middle is the tube containing a Philips anti-UV light that contains 1/10 of mercury in the thermometer, the applicable area of ??20-30m, with a capacity of 35W and a life of 9000 hours. Besides Xiaom i disinfection lamps also use standard voltage source 220V-50Hz.


Five Smart Sterilization light lamps also come with Mijia application control technology, which supports XiaoAI intelligent voice. The application supports Android 4.4, iOS 9.9 and above platforms. Users can freely control, monitor data and work efficiency of lights directly on the application.


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