Xiaomi FIMI Palm Gimbal Camera Review: A Lightweight Handheld Stabilizer with Powerful Battery and Unbeatable Price

Handheld stabilizer gimbal cameras are quite popular today among photography lovers. Today, we have an interesting product to discuss upon from the same domain. It is the newly-launched Xiaomi FIMI Palm gimbal camera review to expose its various prospects. Further, it is another mechanical stabilizer to hit the market shelves with outstanding features against its competitors.

Previously, DJI launched the Osmo Pocket gimbal stabilizer to be the only device with ultra-compact size and lightweight. Now, it was up to the other manufacturers to respond to DJI’s weapon in an effective way.

Well, Xiaomi-backed FIMI strived tremendously and crafted the FIMI Palm camera in response to the DJI’s Osmo Pocket. At the prima facia, you can’t recognize any key difference among both. Both are 4K handheld gimbal cameras with almost the same size and weight.

But today, we are not here to put the FIMI Palm against Osmo Pocket. You can click here to know the differences between these two contenders.

This is the dedicated article to elaborate on the review of FIMI Palm gimbal, which is perhaps the most affordable device currently on the market. Before we dive into the in-depth feature analysis, let’s have a quick idea about its fundamental highlights.

Xiaomi FIMI Palm Gimbal Camera: Principal Highlights

Before the arrival of FIMI Palm, the game was in the Osmo Pocket’s side. But palm’s entry shuffles the cards and grab the audience attention to a great degree.

In terms of its key specifications, the handheld camera comes with an integrated gimbal mechanical system, consisting of three motors. The 3-axis gimbal ensures fully-stabilized and high-quality videos all the time.

Xiaomi Fimi Gimbal Camera

On the head, the Xiaomi FIMI Palm Gimbal Camera hosts a 128-degree ultra-wide-angle lens to perfectly fit the human vision. Further, you will enjoy 4K UHD 100Mbps image quality with the latest generation ISP algorithm chip.

For the connectivity, the company has enriched the camera system with WIFI and Bluetooth technologies. Similarly, the power grid of the device contains the 1000 mAh battery to run for about 240 minutes on a single charge.

Some of the other dedicated features are Smart Tracking, Inbuilt Dual-MIC and microphone port, Multiple Shooting Modes, super-wide lens and various among others.

Xiaomi FIMI Palm Gimbal Camera Review: Features and Specifications in Detail

Are you really serious to avail a fully-featured and budget gimbal camera? The new entry by Xiaomi can be worth to consider among other available options. Here are the detailed features and specifications; you can go through for a better idea to shape your decision.

Design and Build

Before we move to the technical aspects, let’s have a look at its physical appearance and construction. Externally, the FIMI Palm is a small-sized handheld portable gimbal camera to shoot top-quality videos and photos. It comes only in the black colour selection.

Xiaomi Fimi Gimbal Camera

Furthermore, the equipment mounts a 1.22” LED touch display on the front side along with a control button underneath. On the top, it hosts a 12MP gimbal camera in the 3-axis mechanical stabilization.

The company has provided a 5-way joystick near the control button on the front. For construction, the manufacturer has used the ABS plastic material to assemble the whole texture. It is quite pleasant to hold in hands.

Xiaomi Fimi Gimbal Camera

Undoubtedly, the FIMI Palm gimbal camera will be among the most light-weighted handheld stabilizers on the market. Physically, it measures only 3.05 x 2.27 x 12.70 cm and weighs around 120g.

Camera and Gimbal

Let’s enter the fundamental department, which the device is developed for. Of course, it is the camera shooter along with its amazing mechanical stabilizer.

Xiaomi Fimi Gimbal Camera

The FIMI Palm equips a 12MP SONY sensor to click 4K UHD videos. Further, the camera provides an ultra-wide shoot with up to 128-degree angle. Hence, it allows users to capture a bigger world with the best angle of human vision.

Using the integrated ISP algorithm chip, you will encounter more details through 4K UHD 100Mbps images. It is capable of shooting the 4K videos at 30fps.

In the gimbal area, the FIMI Palm stabilizer delivers 3-axis mechanical stabilization to produce stable videos with fascinating quality. It installs 3 motors to stabilize the camera head. The camera will shake at will and focusing on the target throughout the process.

Xiaomi Fimi Gimbal Camera

Additionally, you will enjoy 4 gimbal modes like FPV Mode, Follow Mode, Pitch Lock Mode, and Full Lock Mode. These modes will help you to capture from different perspectives to add more fun to it.

Similarly, Story Mode will allow you to broadcast your footage in a cinematic way. The mobile app will assist you with a variety of one-tap templates and shooting patterns. It will add background music and various customized transition effects.


On the front side, the camera also features a 1.22” LED touchscreen. It provides 600-nit brightness along with 240x240p resolution for a clear and sharp visuality.

Xiaomi Fimi Gimbal Camera

Battery Life

Well, the Xiaomi FIMI Palm Gimbal Camera bears probably the biggest battery with a 1000 mAh power storage capacity. It is a rechargeable battery, which runs for around 240 minutes on 1080p / 30fps video recording.

Xiaomi Fimi Gimbal Camera

In addition, it has professional HiSilicon SoC and intelligent power management to capture greater performance at lower power consumption.


Users are allowed to connect the FIMI Palm handheld camera to their smartphone via WIFI and Bluetooth modules. Therefore, it is proactive to ensure wireless data transmission and footage editing from the app.

Xiaomi Fimi Gimbal Camera

Other Features

In additional features of Xiaomi FIMI Palm Gimbal Camera, it has a dedicated 5-way joystick to control the operate the camera conveniently.

Xiaomi Fimi Gimbal Camera

Further, you will get creative frames, motion-lapse, time-lapse, super HDR, night shooting, Panorama, 8x slow motion, HEVC coding and some other camera features.

Xiaomi FIMI Palm Gimbal Camera Price

Currently, the FIMI Palm Handheld Gimbal Camera is available for pre-order for only 149.99 on the Gearbest store. Click to buy now:


In the verdict of the FIMI Palm camera review, we can term the equipment as an excellent video shooting tool at an unbeatable price. Be its battery, 3-axis gimbal, and other multiple dedicated tools, all are exceptional collectively to combine a worthy choice at budget.

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