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The Xiaomi FIMI A3 is an intriguing drone with GPS and an HD camera on a gimbal. Like the DJI Spark and the Parrot Anafi, the FIMI gimbal is stabilized in two directions mechanically, while yaw is handled electronically. With a sub-$300 price tag could the Xiaomi FIMI A3 be a Spark killer? With other new competition, like the Zino, DJI will have to respond soon or they might lose a big part of the consumer market.

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If you look at the drone from the top, you can see a big similarity to Mi Drone 4K. To control the drone we use a remote control, for me plus that it has a built-in screen. While flying a different drone, DJI Spark smashed the screen on the smartphone Mi 6 because he moved out of the remote control. First thing you note, removing the FiMI A3 from the box, is that it’s a quite a large drone. It measures about 285 x 229 x 69mm and weighs more than 500 grams. During night flights you will be guided by four RGB LED lights (one at the end of each arm). Thanks to the DIY port you can easily pimp-up your FIMI with additional lights. You have two screw holes to mount any device you want under the belly of the drone.

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The Xiaomi FIMI A3 weighs 560 grams and has a diagonal distance of 323 mm with GPS+GLONASS positioning system. Its maximum flight speed is 18 meters per second (about 65 kilometers per hour), the flight altitude limit is 500 meters, the map transmission distance (FCC) is about 1 kilometer, and the endurance is 25 minutes, which can withstand winds of level 4 or below.

For shooting, the FIMI A3 features a 3-axis (2-axis mechanical, 3-axis electronic shock-proof) pan/tilt camera with a tilt angle of 0° to -90°. The camera uses Sony 1/3.2” CMOS sensor to shoot 8 million pixels 3264X2448 photos, and HD 1920X1080 30fps movies. This shooting specification is quite basic, but in terms of pricing, it’s almost!

The FIMI A3’s remote control comes with a 4.3” LCD display. It can be used without a mobile phone and downloading an application. It is very convenient, but the screen resolution is only 480X272, and the built-in video resolution is 720X480, which is obviously the design of the price. But this price is more and more demanding. And it has many amazing features, including the use of fast release paddle, smart follow, Dronie and Orbit fast shooting mode, as well as one-button return, GPS signal loss automatic return function And the fixed-wing flight mode. Even more so, the FIMI A3 has a DIY port on the bottom of the drone, and can be equipped with Servo, LED lights, and fireworks.

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The camera is powered by Ambarella ISP processor and SONY CMOS image sensor. As I previously mentioned, the FiMI A3’s camera adopts “hybrid 3-axis image stabilization”. More precisely, it combines a 2-axis motorized gimbal with 3-axis electronic image stabilization. Besides jello-free shots, the gimbal also allows to remotely change the camera tilt angle. You can switch from front view do ground view.

The camera can record FULL HD (1920 x 1080) videos at 25fps or 30fps. Yes, no 60fps – which is pretty lame for these days. You can set 3 levels of compression: Normal (20Mbps), Fine (40Mbps) and Super Fine (60Mbps). According to the compression rate you choose, you will be able to record approximately 100, 50 or 30 minutes on a 16GB micro SD card. The recording is stopped automatically when touching the ground (landing). Videos are split into 1GB sequences.

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Verdict & Buy

The Xiaomi FIMI A3 Drone Camera is a fun frolic camera with high definition picture quality. It can be used for clicking pictures or videos on personal occasions. The device also comes with an affordable price. It is useful in aerial photography that can be of severe importance for official purposes. If you’re after an affordable, good-quality, hobbyist-grade flying camera, the FiMI A3 with 2 Batteries is absolutely the drone for you! Xiaomi FIMI A3 Drone is now avaialble on Gearbest For Just at $259.99 using a Coupon Code: 24HFIMIA32. Click the following button For order now:

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