Xiaomi Fabulus F1 – New 100-inch high-quality panel for Mi Laser

Xiaomi never ceases to amaze us by staying in constant evolution and by never stop working for its fans. Recently, on May 11, the company launched a new product that will complement the projector Mi Laser Projector. We are talking about the Xiaomi Fabulus F1, a 100-inch high-quality panel.

It is made of PVC material, it is composed of a frame of only 8mm thickness and an anti-light screen that has an ultrathin 6mm optical plate. It also has an 8-layer optical film and a Fresnel structure. The panel constantly adjusts the light path of the projection provided by the laser. It offers up to 85% protection against ambient lighting, including fluorescent light, so that the image remains of good quality.

Xiaomi Fabulus F1 - New 100-inch high-quality panel for Mi Laser

The size of the image offered by the Fabulus is about 2214 mm long and 1245 mm wide. The projection distance is between 550 and 40mm. It has the latest ALPD 3.0 technology, facilitated by Fengmi Technology, a Guangfeng Xiaomi Ecological Chain company. This offers high-resolution laser technology, high illumination and color change. In addition, it compensates for deficiencies caused by low light, short life, and low energy efficiency.

Xiaomi Fabulus F1 + Mi Laser: The Perfect Visual Combination

There is no doubt that it is a good complement to the Mi Laser since this projector has a special design to offer high-quality images in a frame of up to 150 inches. Its software integrates Mi TV, Android 6.0 and Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, it has an integrated set of four speakers with an admirable audio quality. Manufactured in collaboration with Yorkey (a company specializing in optical technology) and Texas Instruments (a firm that specializes in computers and semiconductors). This collaboration makes the Mi Laser what it is, a high-quality projector which offers a pleasant user experience, with a useful life of up to 25,000 hours.

Xiaomi Fabulus F1 + Mi Laser: The Perfect Visual Combination

Now with these two products, consumers will be ready to enjoy the perfect visual combination. The Fabulus F1 can be found in the market for a price of $1,088. A price that might seem somewhat high, but that could really be worth it.

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