(Flash Deal) Xiaomi EUNI ES808 Electric Scooter: 8 inch Tire, 5.2Ah Folding, For Just $517.06

Xiaomi EUNI ES808 Electric Scooter, a new choice for commuting and casual travel. Powerful motor and large capacity battery ensures a fast ride over a long distance. Folding design and dragging wheel, make it perfect fensureing and very portable. The lighting system is very bright and adjustable, anti-slip tire and rear wheel drive for maximum stability.

Buy Xiaomi EUNI ES808 Electric Scooter: 8 inch Tire, 5.2Ah Folding, For Just $517.06

Xiaomi EUNI ES808 Electric Scooter body is manufactured with aluminum 6061 alignment, which gives this great product a very high resistance to climate changes, in addition to IPX5 technology, which will make it a completely waterproof device. This will give us a powerful use regardless of the day, time, or weather, which gives you extra points.

The Xiaomi EUNI ES808 Electric Scooter comes with a more than convenient design, since the handle along with the front wheel can easily be folded back to reduce its size to the minimum, so it will be very easy to take it anywhere you need either in a bag, a suitcase or just carry it in your hand. This is one of the best features that this product has since we can see that Xiaomi definitely thought about the comfort of the user.

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Xiaomi EUNI ES808 Electric Scooter heavier than the M365, but only a few hundred grams. In addition, due to the folding mode, it can be carried when it is left without battery. When tightened, there are 2 soft plastic wheels that allow you to carry the trotta as a trolley, a very ingenious idea.

The Xiaomi EUNI ES808 Electric Scooter complies with the IPX5 standard, meaning it resists water splashing but is not recommended for use when it’s raining or when the asphalt is wet. A great advantage is that the rear wheel (where it is integrated and the engine) is filled, so the risk of making a wedge is eliminated. Instead, it stays at the front wheel, where a classic wheel with a camera was chosen to absorb shocks and bumps.

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The carriage is equipped with a very powerful LED headlamp, but also with a stop that lights up with the headlamp when you press the brake. Also on the handlebars, but on the left side, there is a handbrake. A big advantage is that it manages to fully charge in just 2 hours. Basically, you can take the charger into the bag to charge it while you are sitting in the coffee. The charger is solid enough and has a red LED that turns green when it is finished charging.

Solid, stable and with good autonomy. It’s easy to carry when you’re out of battery, and the LCD screen is helpful when you want to know more about speed or mileage. It folds in 3 seconds and as fast as it can unfold. Xiaomi EUNI ES808 Electric Scooter is now available on Gearbest For Just $517.06.

Buy Xiaomi EUNI ES808 Electric Scooter For Just $517.06


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