Xiaomi ES3 3D Smart Floating Blade Head Razor Review

Providing Ingenious & Protective Performance to Shaving

Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics company which has been providing quality electronic appliances to the consumers in the last few years. It is always coming up with some of the best products which cops with the demand of the consumers. So, the new Xiaomi ES3 3D Smart Floating Blade Head Razor is not out of this criterion. It works as a head razor with a very elegant design and coming with all the latest features which will allow you to have a very nice experience for shaving your head or face. This device will give you a care free shaving experience very little worry of getting cut.

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Xiaomi ES3 3D Smart Floating Blade Head Razor Review

The Xiaomi ES3 3D Smart Floating Blade Head Razor has come with every little detail to take care of your hassles of shaving. So, without any delay let us get to know the Xiaomi ES3.

Elegant Design

The Xiaomi ES3 has a very elegant body design with a firm hand grip for the body and the floating 3D head provides a good performance to shave the face. It has 3 blades that form mesh loop to shave from all directions of the face.

Flexible 3D Floating Head

The Xiaomi ES3 has a very flexible 3D floating tool head which allows the device to shave the corners of the face very smoothly. The flexibility of the Xiaomi ES3 allows the device to shave or trim the various facial contours or in regular word edges of the face without the worry of having to get cut. Its 3D floating head allows it go by the corners of the face very steadily.

Imported Blade Steel

The Blades of the Xiaomi ES3 is made of high-quality imported steel which ensures a quick shave with efficiency. The steel blades are sharp but it is built in such a fashion that it won’t cut your face.

Double Ring Mesh Loop

The Xiaomi ES3 has a double ring mesh which increases the contrast area between the face and the blade. This allows the user not to shave the same area several times. This increases the efficiency of the device allowing the users to have a better shaving experience.

Mechanized Grinding Technology

The dual ring blades that makes a mesh will grind each other to give you the ultimate shaving experience with out frequent replacement of the 3D floating head. This allows the blades to shave more efficiently without any hassles at all.

Long Life Battery

The Xiaomi ES3 3D Smart Floating Blade Head Razor has a built in 600 mAh Li-ion battery. This allows the device to work for almost 60 minutes if it is full charged. This is more than enough for a Head Razor with power consumption of 5W.

Swift & Adjustable Gears

The Xiaomi ES3 has 2 shaving modes for adjusting the speed. One is the high-speed mode and the other one is the extreme speed mode. These modes can be adjusted by simply pressing the button 3 second long. You can easily change the modes while shaving by pressing that button. Shifting the modes, you can easily adjust to your shaving methods.

Memory Recall

The Xiaomi ES3 has a memory recall function for the west-east gears. This will allow the user to automatically open their familiar shaving modes. This will certainly enhance your shaving experience.

Smart Protection

The Xiaomi ES3 provides a double intelligent protection for the users. It can smartly monitor the electric quantity of the battery and adjust the use of the blades steadily. If the electric quantity is low then the device will go into low power mode and will be reduced steadily. Even if the blades are obstructed by any chance then it will stop the blades immediately preventing any further harm to the blades. It has a smart travel lock function that avoids power consumption if it is put on by mistake.

IPX7 Waterproof

The Xiaomi ES3 is IPX7 waterproof. That means that it can be submerges in 1-meter deep water for 30 minutes & the devices can resist it. It has one button water washing function & it can be used for both I both dry and wet situations.

Quick Charging

The Xiaomi ES3 has a rather quick charging facility for its Li-ion battery. It takes almost 90 minutes to fully charge and you can use it to almost 60 minutes while it is fully charged. It is quite impressive for a 3 bladed device like this.

Some Difficulties

Irritation on skin

Using Electric Razors and getting irritation on the skin is not something new. It happens with every electric razor. With 3 Blades forming a mesh to provide a better shaving experience for you it may even make your skin dry itchy & tight. So, everyone is advised to use quality aftershave to avoid this problem as it will make you very uneasy if it happens.

Object Disturbance

As there are 3 Blades in the Xiaomi ES3, the blades a very sharp and form mesh loop. So, any object causing disturbance to the blades turning will result into damage of the device. So, users have to be careful about this matter.


The Xiaomi ES3 is a very smart device which provides the best shaving performance a user can expect. Its floating head and 3 mesh formed blades allows the very neat and tidy shaving to every corner of the facial jaw. The adjustable speed will also allow you to easily adjust the machine according to your need. The device is so great that it charges in 90 minutes only. Xiamoi has certainly put the best efforts on this device. So, the people who are looking to get one of the best shaving performances for their beard and head hair can easily chose the Xiaomi ES3 for its smart features and design.


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