Xiaomi ES3 3D Smart Floating Blade Head Razor only for $22.19

Xiaomi ES3 3D Smart Floating Blade Head Razor has an automatic grinding system for which a user does not need to replace the head on a regular basis. Its blade and mesh both are made of imported steel for which it looks like gorgeous and also sharpens the blade. It is also ergonomically designed device. Besides, its price which is quite lower compares to the razor of other brands.

Its tool head is 3D intelligent floating and its 3 blades are independent and 3 direction floating. For this, a user can use it more comfortably and extensively as by using it is possible to shave the corner of the mouth, neck and it shaves smoothly.

It has a double ring mesh which raises the contact area between the mesh and the face and also improves the shaving efficiency.

Imported steel is used to make both of its mesh and blade for which it looks like shiny and it also gives a nice sharp shaving experience.

It can work with high speeds so it needs a low amount of time to do the shave. It takes at most 3 seconds long press which can be easily adjusted by a user.

Its battery is 600 mAh Li-on batteries which are strong in nature and its longevity is also high, so a user can use it for a long time.

It has one button for water washing so it is also a waterproof device.

It can be easily charged by USB quick charging, it can work for about 60 minutes at a time which is quite long for a user’s complete shave. Besides, it takes only 90 for fully charge itself.

Its switch is light touch button which is very comfortable for a user and it is ergonomically designed considering all of its design systems.

Its weight is only .17 kg which is very light for using it for a long time.

The usual price of Xiaomi ES3 3D Smart Floating Blade Head Razor is $39.99. But now the seller gives a discount of 33% for which the current price is only $26.99 which is quite affordable for a user.

Xiaomi ES3 3D Smart Floating Blade Head Razor is a device which is a waterproof device,  can work at a higher speed, its battery is also pretty strong and also a lightweight product.

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