Meet the new Xiaomi Emergency Fire Extinguishing Bottle!

An amazing product for the protection of our homes, offices, and even natural areas.

The constant changes in the environment cause the temperature to rise to 30 degrees centigrade or more. This can lead to fires and accidents that we could avoid with preventive measures. That’s why we present the Xiaomi Emergency Fire Extinguishing Bottle for only 99 Yuan / $ 16.

Meet the new Xiaomi Emergency Fire Extinguishing Bottle!

Some wastes that lodge and contain highly flammable substances or the high temperatures that are occurring, can be an unexpected danger. Regardless of whether fires are caused by artificial or natural causes, it is important to be prepared for any situation. But since many homes cannot afford a fire extinguisher, Xiaomi offers us something more accessible.

How does the Xiaomi Emergency Fire Extinguishing Bottle works?

This bottle contains inside an extinguishing agent that releases a large and thin layer on the combustion surface. In this way, it blocks the oxygen that increases the flames and decomposes the retardant gases, such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen. This is how you can completely extinguish the fire depending on the size of the fire.

From this product, we can expect all the innovation of Xiaomi’s eco-friendly creations. It can put out fires that occur in solids, liquids (fuel), appliances and cooking oil. It also acts taking care of the environment, since it is not toxic and does not have a strong smell. We can use it on clothes and skin to avoid burns, and it does not cause harm to animals or plants or contaminate the water.

   Meet the new Xiaomi Emergency Fire Extinguishing Bottle!

In addition, this bottle has a duration of 3 years and comes in two presentations. The round bottle can be thrown directly and the other has a nozzle to apply the substance.

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Where can you buy this product?

The fire-fighting bottle is only available in China for 99 Yuan ($ 16). Although, with such usefulness, we do not doubt that it will soon reach all the Xiaomi branches in the world.

Meet the new Xiaomi Emergency Fire Extinguishing Bottle!


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