Xiaomi launches a new intelligent product, the Xiaomi Electric Pressure Cooker

The Chinese company, Xiaomi, is in a race to become the leading exponent of smart products and is that the arrival of the IoT (Internet of things), promises to bring our homes to full automation, which is why the company is launching devices with these characteristics, and one of the best examples is the Xiaomi Yeelight Lightstrip Plus, a smart light strip that will give us a special lighting, but this is not all, because, in this opportunity, we will discover the new product of this manufacturer, we are talking about the Xiaomi Electric Pressure Cooker and as expected, it is an intelligent pressure cooker.

Xiaomi Electric Pressure Cooker introduction

Xiaomi Electric Pressure Cooker, the new Xiaomi product

The Xiaomi Electric Pressure Cooker is presented as the new member of the intelligent products of the Asian company. This pressure cooker has access to WiFi, so we can synchronize it with the Mijia application, which will allow us to control it remotely through our Smartphone, allowing us to adjust the cooking time, temperature and pressure.

Xiaomi Electric Pressure Cooker design

What’s so special about the Xiaomi Electric Pressure Cooker?

Apart from the intelligent features, this pressure cooker has first quality construction, which stands out for all the safety implements that compose it. For starters, the pot has an electromagnetic pressure regulator that is combined with a locking structure of Korean cast aluminum. It also features an OLED screen that allows us to appreciate information about time and temperature. As for the cooking, it offers a nominal pressure of 1.7 atmospheres, so it can reach up to 114 degrees Celsius, exponentially improving the heating time.

Xiaomi Electric Pressure Cooker

How much will the Xiaomi Electric Pressure Cooker cost?

The Xiaomi Electric Pressure Cooker will be priced at 599 yuan, which is equivalent to $88.60. The same will go on sale on January 16 of this year and will be available in China through and authorized stores, so we must wait a little longer to be sold to the rest of the world.


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