Xiaomi Electric Mop SWDK D260 offered for $202.79

With the rapid development of the current technology industry, the mechanization of all human activities is what happens as a meal. Even housework is now greatly simplified. In particular, if you need to sweep or clean your house in the old days, you have to prepare rags and buckets of water, both hard and time-consuming — that problem. One of the smart mop that Xiaomi has recently produced is the Xiaomi SWDK-D260 smart wireless electric mop.

Xiaomi Smart Wireless  mop

Xiaomi Smart Wireless mop Product specifications:

Product code: SWDK-D260
Volume: 2.4kg
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Capacity: 35W
Input: DC12.6V 1A
Xiaomi Smart Wireless mop

Xiaomi Smart Wireless mop is an extremely intelligent smart mop with many useful features that support you with the utmost in scanning and cleaning your home, helping to minimize the cleaning job which is “horrible royal “of many people.

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Xiaomi Smart Wireless  mop

Smart wireless mop Xiaomi SWDK-D260 has a long enough handle design, so you don’t need to bend down too much. Therefore, you will not feel back pain, fatigue after cleaning. The handle can be rotated at an angle of 90 ° so you can freely customize the angle of the handle to best suit every corner of your home. Thanks to that, the mop is able to clean up normal places that are hard to reach. Besides, the handle is made of durable materials, luxurious polishing, creating a comfortable feeling when holding.

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Xiaomi Smart Wireless  mop

Xiaomi’s smart wireless mop cleaning unit is designed with two small rags, each composed of cleverly braided fabric fibers that have a rotation speed of over 1000 rounds a minute. It is through this design that this mop can handle “dirt” such as shedding or pet hair. In particular, the mop is installed with a flashlight when it detects dirt or spider webs. Therefore, the mop will not miss any stains in your home.

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Xiaomi Smart Wireless  mop

Despite being an electric mop, Xiaomi’s smart wireless mop does not cause a noise like other electric motors, with a sound intensity of only about 67Db. The mop has a battery capacity of up to 2000mAh, which helps the mop to operate continuously for 50 minutes. Using Xiaomi smart wireless electric mop enables you to clean the floor area of ??your home up to 400m 2. And moreover, the price of this electric mop in the market is quite cheap compared to other smart mop’s, so it is very suitable for consumers’ pocket.

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Xiaomi Smart Wireless  mop

Where to buy Xiaomi Smart Wireless mop SWDK D260 ?

The Xiaomi Smart Wireless mop SWDK D260 is available on gearbest for just $202.79.


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