Xiaomi Efficient Nail Amount Reminder Stapler Offered For Just $16.33

Have you be buying different Staplers and before a week it gets bad? or are you looking for a stapler that would last the test of time? Xiaomi just got all that fixed with the Xiaomi Efficient Nail Amount Reminder Stapler which comes with a price of just $6.03. It is a perfect necessity for the office. This stapler will help you staple all kinds of files efficiently, make the mess thing easier. You just need a light press, the nail will come out quickly and smoothly. It comes with a Nail surplus amount reminder, this stapler will remind you of the number of nails remaining in it and you can prepare the nail in case. With the nail storage box in the bottom, all you have to do is pull the bottom cover and you can put some spare nails in it. Easy to carry when you are outside. Very convenient design for you.

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The Xiaomi Efficient Nail Amount Reminder Stapler is fabricated from the best material that can be used to make such device. It has an ABS cover and the inside is made from steel, which features a smooth surface and neat stapling. With this material combination, you are sure of a long-lasting stapler. It also has a hard molding panel, which makes the nail stapling stable.  This device also has a strong penetration and can staple between 2-20 papers.

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Talking about the surplus nail amount reminder, when the nail amount is not much again, a green color lump will show in the window to remind you of the amount of the nails, so you can get yourself prepared before the next series of staples.

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Main Features:

  • Nail out quickly, affords you high-efficiently work
  • Surplus nail amount reminder, you can supply the nail in time
  • Nail storage box, you can put some spare nails in it and easy to carry
  • Bottom base detailed with the silicone pads features anti-slid and stable
  • Strong penetration, staple the 2 – 20 papers stably
  • Nail size: 24 / 6 or 26 / 6
  • ABS and steel
  • Size: 12 x 5.8 x 2.9cm


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